Football Game

Monday September 17th @ 6:30p.m The Colony High School

Watch your griffin pride take on the lakeview leapords

come watch your griffin team in there 1st game of the 2013 season this has always been a great game to watch both teams form the colony battel it ut for the chace of bragging rights and respect.


the lakeview griffin game has been packed and you might wanna get there early if you wanna sit and watch this game unfold. 8th grade A team won 24-7 and B team lost 12-0

now its the 7th grades turn to prove to that they are district champs like last years 7th grade A team

If You Need .......

if you need help my phone and every thing is below

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 7:45-9pm

4301 Blair Oaks Dr

The Colony, TX

every thing is ready for you and your family and yes theres concession stands