Fab 5th - Weekly Update

September 9, 2019

To Do:

  • Finalize Lunch Bunch and Spotlight Students

  • Set up your Seesaw Account

Meetings this Week:

September 9: 504's for STAAR Failures - Shelton, Baril, Little, Rader

September 11: SST After School

September 11 - Lucy for ELAR????

ADI Training

Super Saturday is Sept. 28th

ADI Training will be offered for Science teachers than have not been trained.



Writing Snapshot Window - 9/3-9/13. Must be entered by 9/13.

Celebrate Smith Pledge Leaders

Looks like we are the first ones up to lead Celebrate Smith. Here is the schedule. The patriotic song is the Star Spangled Banner.

Sept 13 - Madden

Sept 20 - Shelton

Sept 27 - Rader

Things to Think about:

  • WIN Plans
  • Cool down spot procedures, expectations
  • Power Hour Plan and Schedule.

Dates To Keep in Mind:

  • September 13: Dot Day

  • September 16: W.I.N. Time Begins

  • September 20: CogAT Training - Fariss's room

  • September 20: All DRA Scores must be entered

  • September 20: Principal Awards - Rader

Planning Schedule

Here's the link to the planning schedule.