Is It Addiction?

Learn how to recognize, accept and treat an addiction!

It's not about being ashamed, it's about being brave!

Do you want to help an addict or do you want to overcome an addiction?
The IIA (Is It Addiction?) classes will help you understand the basics of addiction and will explain the cause of different types of addiction.
You will get the best advices and treatment!

What is addiction?What causes addiction?

This is an introductory lecture held by Prof.Dr. Jane Johnson, that will help people decide of joining or not the IIA classes.

Date: 10th May
Location: Sala 1, U.M.F Targu-Mures

Free entry!

Prof.Dr. Jane Johnson

If you want a better life you must make a change! Now!
Meet me at the lectures, ask me questions and let's start a new beginning together!

The classes will officially start on 16th May!

We are here to help you!

For more information or if you have any kind of questions don't hesitate to contact us!

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