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Come To This Magical Place!

Have you ever just wanted to be free for a day? Have you ever just wanted to get away from it all? Well, Wonderland is a place for you.

Welcome to Wonderland

Thursday, July 4th 2030 at 3:30am

Wonderland, London

To get to wonderland, find the nearest white rabbit. Once you find the perfect one, follow it to its hole in the ground in which it lives. When you have reached your destination, take a deep breath, and fall down the rabbit hole.
  • Arrive at approximately 3:45 on the dot. DO NOT BE LATE. You will be guided by Cheshire Cat and he will answer all of your questions.
  • Arrive at your temporary homes just outside the White Queen's Castle.
  • Explore Wonderland, stay out as late as you like.
  • Visit the dragons.
  • Visit Hatter and the rest of his acquaintances.
  • Arrive every day of the week at the Queen's Castle at sunrise.
  • You may leave whenever you'd like if you so choose.

We are the Insane Children of the White Queen

Come join us! We won't be rude. After all, we're all mad here.
Click the button, love.

For your... entertainment.

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