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Boys to Men Trip To CNN! By: D'Angelo Pham

Hello, today we will be talking about the Boys to Men field trip to the Cable News Network headquarters (CNN). Overall, CNN was a great field trip, and we did many fun things! We ate great food, went to a studio, and we even went on a scary escalator!

First, we set off on a big bus. Once we got downtown, we saw a huge building with the letters CNN. We got inside the building see the food court immediately. It smelled so good and, on top of that, we got to eat there! We split into 3 groups, and each group went to a different restaurant. I ate hot wings and got soda.

Then once we were done eating, we went on a big elevator which led to a room that had many screens with CNN shows on them. We heard the director and saw CNN shows from all around the world. We even heard the people who were talking back stage! Once the whole group went to the next room, we saw a demo of a CNN news room and what the different equipment would do.

As we headed out of the demo studio, we saw HLN or Head Line News. People were working inside and it looked really big. After that, we went to a room filled with technology. It helps CNN with their social status, but what was more interesting was the big IPhone they had! The trip was then over and we went inside the gift shops. They had Cartoon Network souvenirs, keychains, T-shirts, and many more.

I had the chance to speak with Boys to Men club members about their experience this year.

How do you feel about going to CNN?

Alan M. says, “I feel like it’s going to be fun and we’re going to have a good time.”

What was your favorite part of the CNN tour?

Bryan S. stated, “My favorite part was going on the escalator!”

Kaleb S. said, “My favorite part was when we went into this room with a big IPhone.”

Mr. Hill agreed with Bryan, “My favorite part was going on the escalator and taking pictures”

How has Boys to Men helped you?

Omar E. said, “[It helped me] learn respect.”

Juan C. said, “How to be a man.”

Dylan's Book Review!

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

A boy named Peter has won a turtle named Dribble from Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party. Peter says that his brother is his biggest problem. Peter’s brother Fudge is acting like a dog. Why do you think that Fudge is acting like a dog? You should read this book because it is an interesting book and you could find out why Fudge is his biggest problem. This book is a marvelous for entertaining you when you are bored.

By: Dylan Cruz M

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Ms. Nelson Is Missing By: Tanvi Bilimoria

Miss Nelson is Missing!

When Ms.Nelson, the teacher, is missing and gets a mean substitute for the kids, the kids are suspicious. The teacher is so mean, but they know that Ms.Nelson would never give them such a mean substitute like Ms. Viola Swamp. Ms. Swamp gives out too much work. How can a person be so mean? The kids do not like her one bit. Why would she do this? Some kids decide to follow Ms. Viola Swamp to her house. Will they get in trouble or will Ms. Viola Swamp not notice? What will happen next? I loved the surprise ending, and I think you will, too! Please read this fantastic book.

By: Tanvi Bilimoria

Martha's Book Review

Eliza Boom: My Super Spy Diary

Eliza got a new neighbor named Mrs. McNice that had a dog named Nancy. Eliza’s dog, Einstein, falls in love with Nancy, but Mrs. McNice does not allow it. Meanwhile, her parents and her little sister, Plum, blame Einstein for losing the spy pen, the spy belt and the night light. So Eliza does a top secret mission to go find the missing things. Then she notices that her neighbor had planks of wood, and the next day her fence was taller! Now something was strange about her, and Eliza was going to find out! Read this book to see what happens next! I like this book because of the end. Eliza finds out the true person that her neighbor is, and learns new things about her dog.

Fifth Grade College and Career Portfolios Project By: Tamia Bell

5th Grade College and Career Portfolios Project:

By: Tamia Bell

Special Thanks to: Ms. Nina, Hapeville School Counselor, and Ms. Laisney, Technology Guru, for their collaboration with this project.

Recently the fifth grade students created career portfolios that explored their career interests.

The portfolios provided opportunities for students to use and improve their reading, research, and writing skills. Also, their oral presentations about their careers allowed for students to practice and improve their public speaking skills.

The 5th grade Career Portfolio provides students the opportunity to conduct research and to present information about a career that interests them or a career about which they want to know more. To view the projects themselves click on the following links:



Shark Guts! By: Tanvi Bilimoria

Shark Guts!

By: Tanvi Bilimoria

Have you ever wondered what a shark looks like on the inside? On May 3, 2016, the fifth grade TAG team got to dissect a Dogfish shark. Ms.Ellis was in charge of the dissection. The TAG teacher showed the fifth grade team how to dissect the sharks step by step. There were also many other teachers there that helped with the dissection. Many of the students were very excited. Some of the fourth grade TAG team got to watch and even assist!

What’s that smell? There were 5 females and 5 males. They made the room stink! The fifth grade TAG team found tons of cool and gross things in the shark. Some people even found animals in the shark like fish, shrimp, and squid legs. EWWWWWW!! Some people touched its heart, fin, liver, stomach, and throat. The liver was very slimy and gooey. If you squished the liver, little gray and black things came out.

The fifth grade team was very eager to dissect the shark. Inside the body, there was a hole that led up to the back of the tongue. A Dogfish shark has its teeth on the bottom of its face. The teeth are very small, but also very sharp. So even though the shark was dead, students still had to be careful around the mouth!

Dogfish sharks are not that big. The sharks the students dissected were small, ranging approximately 18 inches to 2 feet long. They were only babies, but are still smaller compared to other sharks.

The students had been waiting for this Dogfish dissection all year long. They had tons of fun, and enthusiasm filled the room. If you are in TAG and not in fifth grade yet, you can look forward to such a fun lesson.

Enjoy by watching the following videos below of our day!!



Dear Dorothy

Dear Dorothy,

I can’t invite all my classmates to my birthday party, and some of them, I don’t like at all. It would be mean if I don’t invite everyone I know, but some of them, my parents don’t even know. Can you help me please?


Party Planner

Dear Party Planner,

Just privately give an invitation to the kids that you want to come. Don’t rub it in the faces of those you don’t want to invite. Also, if they ask, be honest! Tell them, they can’t come because either they aren’t nice to you, or your parents don’t know them. Remember, it’s your birthday, so do whatever causes the least drama!

Best of luck,


aka Advice-Goddess

Dear Dorothy,

I’ve been bullied by two girls.They call me mean names on the bus. What should I do?


Bullied Third Grader

Dear Bullied Third Grader,

I think the first thing you do is to try to stay away from them. If that doesn’t work try to talk to them to see what the problem is. If they still call you names, tell your teacher or a trusted adult. They will solve the problem for you. It does not matter if they call you a tattle-tale because it’s better to be happy and feel good about yourself than being “cool.”

Best of luck,


aka Advice-Goddess

Interview with Ms. Shepherd Hapeville Professional of the Year By: Madison Culbreth

My Interview with Ms. Shepherd: Hapeville's Professional of the Year

Professional of the Year: Ms. Shepherd

Many people know that Ms. Shepherd was Hapeville Elementary’s Professional of the Year this year. Below are some of the highlights from my interview with her:

Madison (M): “What is your favorite part of being at school? “

Shepherd (S): "My favorite part is when I am in the lunchroom and all of the kids walk past me to eat in the morning.”

M: “What else to you like about being here at school?”

S: “I love to play, joke , talk , and teach my students.”

M: “What is your favorite color?” “

S: “My favorite color is GREEN.”

(In fact, when I went to go talk to her in her classroom, the students were all using green paint!)

M: “Which member of your family are you most close with?”

S: “I am more close to my cousin, but I am close to my mom too.”

M: “What is your favorite movie to watch?”

S: “My favorite movie to watch is Beauty and the Beast.”

M: “Ms. Shepherd, do you enjoy reading?”

S: “Yes. I try to read at least one book a month. My favorite book is Goosebumps!”

Congratulations to Ms. Shepherd again for being our Professional of the Year!

Enjoy more from Ms. Shepherd during the video interview of her that Tanvi conducted! Click below:


From Ms. Laisney, Digital and Technical Consultant

Hello All! Many of the students have asked to have the kidblog address that they have used in order to view their saved digital products from the year. Simply log in with the Username: Tech Club from the dropdown list and Password: Awesome. ENJOY!

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Fifth Grade Graduation "Can You BELIEVE That WE Made It?!"

Thursday, May 26th, 9am

3440 North Fulton Avenue

Atlanta, GA

Fifth Graders have enjoyed an interesting and exciting year thanks to their teachers, parents, and all who have helped them this year!

Come watch them graduate on MAY 26 in the Hapeville Gym starting promptly at 9 am!


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Congratulations to READ TO SUCCEED Participants!

Hapeville Elementary students participated in the Six Flags' READ TO SUCCEED Program. From August 2015 to March of this year students logged over 600 minutes to earn a free ticket to Six Flags!

Way to go students!!

Teacher of the Year Mrs. Teresa Drennan INTERVIEW

Congratulations to Mrs. Drennan, Hapeville Elementary's Teacher of the Year!

The Magic Panda Continued By: D'Angelo Pham and Sandra Donado

May 15, 2016

Dear Diary,

You might feel bad for us already, but you haven’t heard MY story. I just took Alonso’s diary and saw his, no our, story so I decided to write my point of view. So we were pretty surprised when we saw the Panda. That Shen the Wizard took me to a jail cellar, and I just sat there doing nothing. I was worried about Alonso and hoped nothing happened to him. I paced back and forth for hours and thought about a plan. After thinking all that time, nothing came up. I was exhausted, so I leaned on the wall, ready to give up. I looked at the bricks I was leaning on and found one that was out of place. Just after I pressed the brick, the wall suddenly turned around.

I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was in a completely different room. I was so shocked that it took me a minute to react. I knew I had little time to explore before they saw me missing, so I took a deep breath and walked forward. With no light, I had to walk with my hands in front of me, feeling my way. I was already scared enough, but to make the situation worse, I heard a voice, “Who are you and what do you want?”

I was so frightened I jumped up and hit my head on the ceiling. Even though I was in pain and afraid, I cried quietly so I wouldn’t be discovered. Then I heard something get closer and I got absolutely silent. “I’m sorry to frighten you, but I did not know who you were. Don’t worry, I have a light.” Suddenly, I saw a woman glowing. “I know you may be surprised, but I need you to cooperate with me.” I nodded in awe and listened. After a little time, I finally understood what she was trying to say. That’s when I saw the panda. It kind of looked like it was grinning. It made me feel more at ease.

After a little while of traveling through the tunnels, I saw streaks of moonlight up ahead. I hoped Alonso was alright, but I had to focus on my survival. The Lady of Light had the crystal we needed. I saw it in her hand, and it was shining bright. I reached out for it, but she closed her hand. The lady said, “You must earn my trust to obtain the Crystal of Liberty.”

“How can I earn you trust?” I questioned.

“You must take care of my panda for a few months.”

“A FEW MONTHS?!” I yelled out until my lungs hurt.

I finally decided to do it. Fast forward a few days, I was feeding it every day, but nothing interesting happened. Then the Lady of Light came back. She stated, ‘’Gabrielle Chan, you truly are my descendant. You see I am the Lady of Light or Chan Yui. I am your great descendent.”

“WAIT! My mother told me the day I turned eleven, I would have a great journey in a world far from mine!” I remembered.

“Yes I understand. Here my dear take the Crystal,” my great grandmother said kindly as she handed me the Crystal of Liberty!

May 18, 2016

Dear Diary,

Gabrielle took my diary! Anyway, my story is shorter. I escaped the magician, but he was catching up. I kept running and looked back to see a samurai dressed in black and red armor. I hid in a cave, but I saw him in the entrance. As soon as I saw him in the entrance I yelled, “Help!”

He picked me up and told me, “I’m a friend.”

I stopped struggling, and he explained EVERYTHING. It turns out this man was my time traveling GREAT GRANDFATHER with about 100 greats. I told him my problem, and he kindly handed me a shimmering gold chain. He informed me that it was the Necklace of Truth. What?? I know you’re thinking this sounds crazy, but I assure you, this is a true story! Anyway, he knew were the Diamond of Fairness was, but he could not get it for me. The samurai told me I had to journey to Emerald City in which he was unable join my travels.

I got there after a few days and went to the temple. Inside the Emerald Church a priest told me, “I have been expecting you. Fragile as ever, though strong as steel, fairness for all will never thaw. You have three chances, but if you fail, your fate is ruined and this is real.”

Two of my answers were wrong, so I went outside to regroup. “Diamond of Fairness,” popped into my head. I ran inside and said it.

“You are correct. You may have it,” said the priest. Then he handed over the Diamond of Fairness.

It started changing directions, and I realized it was leading me to Gabrielle. Once we met up, we exchanged stories and headed back to the castle. We saw the wizard and ran to him. The gems joined together and created a wand. The panda that Gabrielle had with her spoke and said, “Your reign of terror is over. Kids pick up the wand together.”

We did, and it started glowing. The Wizard yelled, “NO! It was not possible!”

After that, he disappeared, and I found myself back to the zoo with my class. “Whoa did that just happen?” I asked Gabrielle.

“You imagined it too?” she responded.

We looked at each other in amazement… it must have been real!