Respiratory System

Carlie Gibson :) 10/14/15

Structures of the Respiratory System


*Sinuses-> Warm and moist air

*Pharynx-> *Throat, passage way for food and air

*Epiglottis -> Cartilage flap, prevents food from entering the trachea

*larynx -> The voice box

*Trachea -> Windpipe

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Respiratory System relates to immunity

*The respiratory system has parts of the immune system in it, like the Balt-Bronchial is associated with the lymphoid tissue.

*Cells that are in the lining of the lungs that sample air for viruses and bacteria ect.

*The cells communicate with the immune system to make antibodies, so it can circulate within the body to protect it from infections,

Body's use of nutrients to the Respiratory System

*Vitamin A fights infections

*Folate stimulates DNA production and cell reproduction

*Vitamin protects your cells from harmful substances

*Vitamin E protects your cell membranes from harmful chemicals and stimulates your immune response to infections

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