Futuristic Houses


What are you talking about?

OMG! The Futuristic Houses are the best! It is a House that you can control with your tablet or Ipad, that has robots that do the task of home and other moderns things that are fantastic and make your life easier but it isn't the most surprising, the surprise is that the house can change the shape for adapt to the necessity of residents.
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Yes, like you had read after the house can change it form and this is an advantage, like that we can control the house with a tablet, control the weather and the heating...

The bathroom can do test of urine for the doctor, the test of our skin and the make up that is better for wear during the day, our fredge do a list with what we have to buy, our kitchen can suggest us recepts...

The window will expose images and will be able to more transparent or less, the garage will carry the car when the cost is low and the property house will protect and control us.
Living Tomorrow: house of the future

Is all so good like it seems?

Of course like all the houses it has disadvantges, like if there succes a storm and the electricity leave out your house will not operate and its possible that you can't came out.

If the house doesn't gave you the option of manual work you will not be able to do nothing ( can't eat, can't go to the bath, can't see the TV or control to somebody).

You won't have WIFI and you will have to wait until the current electric return.

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