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Don't Shrink Back!

Our passion is to connect the body and supply prayer resources that we may obtain the unity of knowing Jesus, our Messiah, according to the full counsel of God and through the love of one another. Sacramento, may we be the first to shift when God makes His shift! Let us position ourselves and run “like a torch” with fervent zeal and love!

As leaders in equipping, our primary role is to provide discernment and motivate others towards maturity in the righteousness of God sending a clear message to our enemies that they have to “stay back." The enemies of fear, deception, division... just to name a few. As the prophet Jeremiah was called to uproot, destroy, tear down, we are called to do just that in the ministry of deliverance as well as inner healing. Psalm 18 even tells us we get to break or destroy things according to an uprightness of heart! What do we destroy? Strongholds that the enemy has built in us over time to work against us. How many of us can say we face fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion, burn-out, humiliation, callousness, a hardened heart, illness, and various forms of hinderance? There’s always various spiritual attacks that the enemy of our soul puts on us to fight our calling which is sanctification of the soul (obtained through the blood of Jesus), but “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” -Rom. 8:31

“Don’t shrink back” is what God has been speaking to the equippers. Let’s stay about our Father’s business, pressing in to go after what we are called to by putting no confidence in the flesh but continuing to trust God. The only way the enemy will stop harassing us is to “submit to God. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

The equipping department cares about souls and is being led to create a curriculum or material through collective research that would cover a variety of topics having to do with spiritual warfare so that we may fight well. A warfare, deliverance, and inner healing conference is also being organized for the beginning of November of which more info will be provided soon.

If you or your ministry is in need and would like some encouragement in the area of spiritual warfare, deliverance, or inner healing, do not hesitate to contact. We will be glad to help or send you to where you may be best served.

Blessed to serve with you,

Jonathan & Peggy Records

Sac Prays Equipping Coordinators

Celebrating Pentecost

Eight churches from Arden Arcade met together Sunday night, May 15th, at Arden Church of the Nazarene to celebrate the birth of the Church and the presence of the Holy Spirit today on Pentecost Sunday. We were led by a worship team representing 5 churches, and 6 pastors led in various aspects of worship, testimonies and prayer.

The highlight of the night came following a prayer time for various needs among the attendees. An Arden Arcade Pastor declared God said He was going to heal someone there with shortness of breath. Three people responded, and all were healed! PRAISE HIM!

-Earl Heverly, Cornerstone Community Church

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