Who Made That? Nike Logo

By Eric H.

Who Made That? Nike Logo

In the late 1960’s at Portland State University (PSU), Carolyn Davidson meet Phil Knight. Knight overheard Davidson say she wasn't taking a certain class because she can't afford it. Knight told Carolyn he needed a part time graphic designer for the company Blue Ribbon Sports, and she’d be paid $2 a hour. Davidson accepted the job. She was then asked to create a “strip” for Blue Ribbon Sports because tension with Onitsuka made, Phil want his own company or “His own identity”(OregonLive 4)

Davidson was asked to make a logo for Knight.

She had a month to make a symbol to represent motion(TodayiFoundOut 4). She began working on logos for three weeks straight (Oregonlive 3). Davidson said “ I’d draw a shoe on paper and a logo on a napkin and lay that over the shoe” (Oregonlive 2)

In 1971.

Davidson made a handful of logos for Knight (TodayiFoundOut 4). “He looked at all of them and came back to the check mark my favorite one.”(OregonLive 2). Knight said “I don't love it. maybe it will grow on me.”(OregonLive 3). She told Knight that it meant “speed and motion.”(Magneticstate 2).

Davidson was only paid $35 for the logo.

She was then given a full time job at Blue Ribbon Sports. She worked there for four years and then quit and began freelancing (TodayiFoundOut 5). On December 2, 1980 Nike went public trading on the new york times stock market (Megneticstate 3). After this accomplishment, Mr. Knight invited Carolyn over for dinner which was really a surprise party, and Carolyn received a gift from Mr. Knight. It was 500 shares of Nike and a gold Nike ring.

Phil Knight believed Nike was more than a shoe.

He believed it was a life style. “There is no value in making things anymore.” Mr. Knight said, “The value is added by careful research by innovation and marketing”(Magneticstate 6). Nike is now global.