Nuclear Fusion

by Grace VonCannon 12.9.15


My name is Grace VonCannon and my lab partners and I have been working on nuclear fusion and how we can create energy out of it.

Nuclear Fusion vs. Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fusion is created when you fuse together to atoms. This energy is the energy that powers the sun and the stars. An example would be fusing together two hydrogen atoms at extremely high pressures. Nuclear Fission is when energy is produced by splitting atoms that release high amounts of energy.

Precautions and Safety Concerns

  • There is a possibility of a melt down.
  • Radioactive waste.
  • Possible release of tritium.

Economic Imact

  • No energy limitations, full access without an excess of greenhouse gases.
  • Much Cheaper
  • This also would lead to cheaper cost of energy.
  • More people would have access and or afford energy.