Electromagnetic Waves!

Different forms and how they're used

What Disturbances Create EM Waves?

Electromagnetic (EM) waves are produced by the vibrating of an electric charge. This causes them to have both an electric and magnetic component

Are EM Waves Different From Mechanical Waves?

Yes they are! Mechanical waves require a medium to travel through, whereas EM waves can travel through empty space, known as a vacuum.

Different Types of EM Waves

Radio: Has the longest wavelength, shortest frequency, lowest energy

Microwave: second shortest wavelength, second lowest frequency and energy

Infrared: third shortest wavelength, third lowest frequency and energy

Visible light: Is right in the middle in terms of wavelength, frequency, and energy

Ultra-violet: Third shortest wavelength, third fastest frequency and energy

X-ray: Second shortest wavelength, second fastest frequency and energy

Gamma Ray: Has the highest frequency, shortest wavelength, most energy

What Are They Used For?

Gamma Rays

Gamma ray imaging can see inside your body. The universe is the largest gamma ray emitter

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