Fantasy Quest Week 3

Write a diary entry from the perspective of a character.

Full task

Are any of the characters placed in a difficult situation? Which situations? What does this contribute to the story?

Write a diary entry from the character debating this uncertainty

Part 1: Are any of the characters placed in a difficult situation to know what is right and what is wrong?

Yes there are lots of situations when characters are placed in a situations where it is hard to figure out what to do. Such as when the characters are in an airship and a giant Nazi robot emerges from the Swiss Alps and is blowing airships from all around the world out of the sky. Also when Scarlet Bell and Paul Harker are kidnapped and Jack Mason has to jump on to the airship that they are kidnapped on. He has to choose to stay on or leave the airship because his hands are really sore that they have turned purple. Then he is confronted with the decision of what to do when the pair have been put in a truck and Jack has to follow them. He chooses the bad idea of clinging on to the truck until it reached it's destination. He should of taken them off on the journey instead of confronting the Doctor.

Write a diary entry from the perspective of a character

Jack Mason's Diary:

Brr! It is freezing wandering here in the Swiss Alps. We are wandering through the snow trying to get into the Phoenix base to look for an invention. We are making such a noise with our tennis racquet shoes. We finally got inside and it is a bit warmer. We looked around and saw a bomb and lots of other inventions. Then we heard gunshots! We ran outside and looked for Nazis. Then a giant robot emerged from the Alps! We ran to the Britannia and hopped on leaving the Lions Mane behind. The Great Robot kept knocking French airships out of the sky. Then suddenly the airship started saying “PREPARE FOR EMERGENCY LANDING!” I grabbed a railing as the ship went down into the snow. Soon after we ran towards The Lions Mane and hopped on. We defeated the mighty beast by using some weapons on board. Then we flew to Paris for our next adventure. No one wants Mr Doyle, Scarlet, Lucy or I to come but they said we could stop at Paris.