The Quantum Brain

Made by: Michael Barnes

His Abilities

He can remember anything from his past.

But he has a much smaller appetite than normal.

He also has extremely good hearing, letting him hear a whisper up to half a mile away.

But when he reads he hears a monotone voice all the time.

He never has to sleep, letting him stay awake to beat up every bad guy in the city.

But he has a bad control of his anger while in a fight.

Why does he have these abnormalities?

He can remember anything because after playing football in college he had a lot of brain injury.This "injury" greatly improved his hippocampus.

But the injury also hurt his hypothalamus, making him not want to eat as much.

The good hearing started after his thalamus was "injured".

But this football incident also damaged his angular gyrus.

This incident also affected his reticular formation, causing him to stay awake forever.

Finally this injury caused him to have very little control when he gets very angry.

The Quantum Brain's Outfit

His outfit is very unique. He has a pink mask to cover his face, the mask has a design of a brain on the top of his head. He has on a pink shirt and pink leggings. On the center of his shirt he has a huge Q.B., to represent Quantum Brain. Finally, he has on black shoes.

A Time where He will Save the Day

It is one o'clock in the morning and the Quantum Brain is wide awake. His arch nemesis, Fire Ball, is doing his same routes. Quantum Brain knows this because Fire Ball takes the same routes to do his annual robberies and Q.B. never forgets. Quantum Brain is about half a mile away and he can hear everything Fire Ball is doing. So right when Fire Ball is in the bank about to steal Q.B. runs as fast as he can to catch the criminal on site.