What is sustainable living? How could someone achieve sustainable living? Do you personally think you could reach sustainable living?

Sustainable living is trying to use less of Earth's natural resources and personal resources.

Achieve a sustainable life by thinking about the things you buy, make sure they are environmental friendly; Drive less, "Green your home."

I don't think I could live that lifestyle because my family drives a lot and I would have to change to many things.

Fossil Fuels Vs. Renewable Energy

Fossil Fuel is used most like coal, It is like portable energy. It is easy to be stored until needed. Fossil fuel has hidden costs like lung disease, added electric bills, air pollution. It's bad for the environment because it ruins the land, takes water, and destroys wildlife. Renewable Energy is much more expensive because you have to buy wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric plants.


Tin Can: 50 years

Glass: 1 million years

Disposable Diapers: 250-500 years

Wood: 200-300 years

Paper: 2-5 months

Plastic Grocery Bag: 500 years to forever

Styrofoam Cup: 500 years to forever

Aluminum Can: 80-100 years

Cotton T shirt: 1-5 months

Apple Core: 2 months

Yes, The glass surprised me that it takes 1 million years.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It is a gyre of marine debris in central north pacific ocean. We can help by using a different type of plastic, a way to remove plastic, change our behavior.
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Pacific, Grassland. The abiotic factors are all the non living ecosystems. The biotic factors are all the living things in an ecosystem.
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Dead zone

It is a hypoxic area. It is caused by human pollution. We can stop polluting and change the things we use.

Keystone Species

Other species depend on them. The sea is an example, Forests. A sea otter is an example in a forest, and mammals that eat smaller animals. There would be a lot of smaller animals and not as much big animals.

Define Terms

Coexistence: Exist at the same time or same place.

Parasites: An organism that that lives on or in another organism.

Mimicry: Close external resemblance of an animal or plant.

Mutualism: Symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms involved.

Commensalism: Association between 2 organisms in which 1 benefits and other derives neither benefit or harm.

Carbon Cycle

The series of processes by which carbon compounds are interconverted in the environment, chiefly involving the incorporation of carbon dioxide into living tissue by photosynthesis and its return to the atmosphere through respiration, the decay of dead organisms, and the burning of fossil fuels.

Humans effect it because of fossil fuels we use.

Global Dimming

Decrease in solar radiation reaching surface of earth.

Affects on earth, Global warming and pollution.

Greenhouse Effect

Trapping of suns warmth. They use the same gases.

Endangered Species

Species of animals that is about to go extinct.

Polar bears.

They die or there habitat dies and they cant live there.

There would be little seals and other animals they would eat.

I don't think it would change for us but it would for people that live where they are.

There wouldn't be animals we might need.

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Invasive Species

Plant, algae, fungus, or animal that is not native to an area.

They cause a loss of habitat, Kills trees, Alters nutrients in water.

People bring them most of the time. EX: People bring beavers to a different spot and they kill the trees there.


They help stabilize the worlds climate, Home to many plants and animals, Maintain the water cycle, Protect floods.

Wood for timber, Room for agriculture, Grazing land for animals, Road construction.

There would be some foods that we wouldn't get, There wouldn't be some products like rope, tires, and chocolate.

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Human Population

The population is growing very rapidly.

We need to keep up with food and water and all the everyday stuff.

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Something used for killing plants and animals.

They cause humans to get diseases, Cancers, They hurt young children.

It kills plants and weeds.


I think it means people cant live without the things insects and other things make.


I think there will be very little rain forests and weeds that we need to survive.