Weekly iQDigest

Challenge your iQ with iQGarage.com

Like quizzes and puzzles? Then, the weekly iQDigest is just the thing for you. Every Friday, a new iQDigest will be uploaded at http://www.iqgarage.com/iqdigest.

The iQDigests come in three levels:

  • Level A for ages 5-8 (Class 1-4)
  • Level b for ages 9-12 (Class 5-8)
  • Level c for ages 13-116 (CLass 9 - Retired).
They can be downloaded in the pdf format. Attempt the questions on your computer or mobile/tablet with the pdf or print them to take home for the weekend. The font size is good enough for them to be printed on one side of an A4 paper (Most digests are of 2 pages).
Come back every Friday for a new digest!