Curenton's Class News

November 17, 2015

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From Garden to Plate

Students enjoyed digging sweet potatoes from our class garden that was planted. They found out the deeper they dug the bigger the potatoes. After getting a small basket full of potatoes, students proudly took them to the class room showing everyone along the way. We baked the sweet potatoes and had marshmallow cream, butter, and brown sugar to top them.

ECO team

The ECO team from Warren Wilson College is bringing lessons to out class each week for the next six weeks. The lesson we had on November 6th was learning about the water basin. Students used different types of maps to locate where they live, the French Broad River, and the route the French Broad flows.

These lessons are hands on and the students are loving them.


Students will have homework Monday through Thursday, but will not have it on Friday. Their planners and folders will not come home on Friday so that I can prepare them for the next week.

I have not sent home the response log at this time because the copier is having problems . I will only put a question for the number of weeks left in 2nd nine weeks. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with the assignment. I could ask at any time to see the response log. Students are to choose one question per week to write a response from the book he/she read that week. If a book has over 300 pages two questions can be answered. It will count for two books.

Thank you

Thank you to all the parents who sent snacks for the Halloween party. The students had a great time and I did too. I got ideas from games that were played. I will use the game where a word was put on each student's back. Students had to ask other students questions in order to guess the word. I am going to use this with vocabulary from core subjects. Students will have to know the definition and how to ask questions to figure out what the word on their back.

Learning in the Class Room

Math: Students are learning why we use multiplication and how to use multiplication.

Fundations: ve at the end of a word (v never ends words in English), ive as a suffix, Silent e spelling rule, and Lower case cursive letters d, g, q

Social Studies: Government

Writing: Opinion writing

ELA: Main idea, and supporting details