October 11, 2021

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Indigenous Peoples Day & Hispanic Heritage Month


I hope your children and you made some tremendous memories together, and that your Lions got some much-needed, well-deserved rest over Fall Break. Families are part of the fabric that impacts what we can accomplish with our students at Longfellow. You are so important to our work.

We also recognize the significant role culture plays in the growth of a child. At Longfellow, we strive to embrace, celebrate, and illuminate unique cultures, histories, and backgrounds. So, today, National Indigenous Peoples Day, I want to acknowledge the incredible history and contributions of our nation's Indigenous Peoples and our Longfellow Native American families.

Of course, this is the last week of Hispanic Heritage Month. We have been inspired by the displays and lessons our teachers and students engaged in over the past few weeks.

We are so lucky that Longfellow students represent many varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and we will continue to find ways to acknowledge and appreciate all cultures.

Brad Talley, Principal




1. Check out our events calendar below!

2. NPS Hispanic Family Night is Oct. 14!!! (see #2 below!)

3. Picture Retakes are Friday!

4. 8th Graders will take the PSAT on Wednesday! (parent info.)

5. Meal Benefits Applications still being accepted (link)

6. PTA Updates (see #6 below)

7. NPS Severe Weather Procedures (see #7 below)

8. Awesome Math Opportunity! (see #8 below)

9. Outside Food Deliveries are not allowed, per policy (see #9 below)

10. Check out our All About LMS Athletics flyer! (link)

11. LMS Basketball (see #11 below)

12. LMS Powerlifting (see #12 below)

13. Parent-Requested MacBook Restrictions (link)


1. LMS Calendar & Upcoming Events

Tuesday, October 12

Football vs. Brink, 5:45pm, NNHS

Wednesday, October 13

PSAT for 8th Grade (see #2 below)

Friday, October 15

Picture Retake Day

Monday, October 18

Mandatory Basketball Parent Meeting (see #10 below)

LMS Powerlifting Meeting (see #11 below)

2. NPS Hispanic Family Night!

The event will be held on Thursday, Oct. 14, from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Norman High Multipurpose Room. Come get lots of great information on parent portal, how to track your child's grades, attendance, technology and more!

3. Picture Retakes

Picture retakes are Friday October 15th! If you were absent on picture day please plan to say cheese next week!


LMS 8th Graders will take the PSAT on Wednesday. Please see this link for more information.

5. Meal Benefits Form

You can still complete the Meal Benefits Application form. This opportunity will end on October 31.

We encourage everyone to complete a meal benefits form. If you already completed this form during enrollment, please disregard this message. While breakfast and lunch meals are free for all students this year, completing this form is very helpful in terms of providing funds for our school district. If your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, he/she/they could also qualify for other helpful programs both within and outside of the school district.

To complete this form, please go to your parent portal account by clicking here.

After logging in, click on the word "more" and then "meal benefits."

If you have any questions, please call us at 405-366-5948.

Or, you can use this link to complete the form.


6. PTA

Thank you to our PTA for donating snacks and beverages to teachers last week! We are so appreciative of that!

If you want to join PTA please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to donate snacks CLICK HERE.

If you would like to help with the PRIDE Store CLICK HERE.

7. NPS Severe Weather Procedures

The Norman Public School District is one of only 2,400 certified locations throughout the United States to be certified “storm ready” by the National Weather Service. As a StormReady Supporter district, Norman Public Schools are better prepared for severe weather through advanced planning, education and awareness. A team comprised of National Weather Service representatives and school safety officials have reviewed the district’s safety and awareness plans and work together on an ongoing basis to focus on student safety. District officials have also collaborated with the National Weather Service, the City of Norman’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Weather Decision Technologies and multi-disciplinary teams including engineers, architects and others to identify safe sheltering locations for students.

Tornado Watch/Warning Procedures

  • Students will be moved to safe shelter locations when a tornado warning is in effect.
  • Parents who wish to retrieve their students amid severe weather may do so until sirens are activated in Norman. When sirens have been activated, all school personnel will be unable to serve parents as they will be in the school’s safe shelter location.
  • Only individuals who have been previously approved to pick up students will be allowed to sign a student out. The process will be streamlined to the extent possible without compromising student safety. No students will be released after the sirens have been activated as students and staff will be in safe shelter locations.
  • School buses will not begin afternoon routes if the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Norman and/or Cleveland County or if the weather service has communicated with the district that a transportation delay would be prudent.
  • If a warning occurs after buses have departed, buses will be diverted to the nearest school. Parents will be notified of any transportation delays.
  • Prior to a tornado warning being issued, students who drive may leave independently only if a parent or guardian has notified the school. However, when a tornado warning for the area is in effect and/or sirens have been activated, students will not be permitted to leave independently.
  • The Norman Public School District’s schools and facilities are not equipped to serve as community storm shelters.

8. Awesome Math Opportunity!

Share & Grow Association is excited to announce an upcoming educational event we co-hosted with Daily Challenge with Po-Shen Loh. This fall, fun, exciting, and unique math events are taking place across the US, featuring mathematician, educator, and innovator Prof. Po-Shen Loh.

Prof. Loh is a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University who also serves as the national coach of the USA International Math Olympiad team. He has done a tremendous amount of work to improve more students' interests in math, and some of his previous achievements landed in The New York Times, Quanta and Popular Mechanics.

His stop in Oklahoma City is scheduled on Saturday, Oct 30th, 2021.

The twist: he'll be speaking outdoors in beautiful parks where the risks of COVID-19 are minimal (please still conduct precautions recommended by CDC at the event).

The talks will be fun events for 5th to 8th graders and their parents. They seek to inspire students to see math from a different angle, to embrace challenges, and to learn how to invent (not just repeat); while also sharing educational strategies with parents. The talk topic is about Game Theory, and will highlight some games that appear simple at first glance, but which turn out to have powerful strategies that only become visible after changing to a mathematical perspective.

There will be substantial time for free-ranging Q&A from every participant. This is an opportunity to unite families in the region who share common interests, help them create new connections, and facilitate an exchange of interesting ideas. Perhaps the most magical part is safely gathering together like-minded people, who will have an opportunity to interact with each other at an outdoor event in ways that we have so sorely missed during this Zoom-year.

We highly recommend any families with 5th to 8th graders to seize the chance and meet Prof. Loh in person, regardless of the students' math background (Because Prof. Loh is able to make anyone enjoy his talk!).

Since all the event venues have capacity limits, please kindly register for everyone who is attending so that the organizer can make sure the limit is not exceeded.

Morning event in Norman, OK

Time: 10:30AM to 12:PM

Location: Ruby Grant Park Southwest Picnic Shelter

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/174468238197

9. Outside Food Delivery

Important Reminder of NPS Policy regarding outside food delivery:

At all sites, outside food deliveries after the school day begins will not be allowed. This will limit the number of guests in our front offices and help us protect our employees. Family members and outside guests will not be allowed to dine in our cafeterias with their children or other students. We will reassess this regularly to determine if it is safe to then allow food deliveries. Student checkouts during lunch may take more time, please consider this when making your plans. If a child forgets his/her lunch, lunch will be provided. (source: NPS Return to Learn Plan)

10. Athletics at LMS

Many students and families have had questions about what sports we offer and for which grades. Check out this flyer (linked below) to learn all about Athletics at LMS, including what sports are available, sign-up dates, information about physicals, and coaches' contact information!

Click this link for more information!

11. LMS Basketball

Longfellow Basketball sign ups have now begun. Please go to the front office and scan the QR code to sign up for Basketball. If you don't have a QR reader, you can use a friends QR reader to sign up or email their coach with any questions or needing information. Also, any student signing up for basketball must complete a physical (found in the front office) and their Rank One compliance forms (on rankonesport.com).

7th Grade Girls Basketball - RebeccaT@norman.k12.ok.us

8th Grade Girls Basketball - SBaden@norman.k12.ok.us

7th Grade Boys Basketball - jarrellmills1@ymail.com

8th Grade Boys Basketball - EmilioD@norman.k12.ok.us

The mandatory Basketball Parent Meeting is October 18th at 6PM in the Main Gymnasium at Longfellow.

12. LMS Powerlifting

If you are interested in participating in powerlifting this year at Longfellow, please contact Coach Braven Thomas at bravent@norman.k12.ok.us or have your child see him at school to sign up!

Parent meeting for powerlifting is October 18th at 6 PM in the Longfellow Gymnasium.

13. MacBook Restrictions (Google Rooms/Chat)

While MacBooks are an integral part to a lot of your child's school experience, we also know accessing the internet can have complications. Norman Public Schools does allow you to request specific restrictions for your child. You may use the form linked below to view and request these restrictions. The form has links to more specific information, as well.

We are especially seeing issues with Google Rooms and Chat, which have new emphasis on GMail. You can turn this off for your child manually using the steps below:



You may also request to have these turned off using the link below. It may affect some gaming sites, as well, if you use the form option.