🌹Hiba El-Shaer🌹

I'm AWESOME!!!!!! (^_^) <3 7th Grade

About Me (^.^)


I'm 12 years young.

*Words to describe me*










<3 Loves






~My Friends~

~My Family~





~Girl Scouts~







I don't know what i wanna be. I don't wanna keep changing my mind. I wanna figure out what I love when I need to. Because right now I'm undecided.
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All About My Family

I was born as the oldest in a family of seven. After me there's my sister, Sam, then there's my brother the only boy in the family, Ibrahim, then after that there's my little sister, Bushra, last but not least we have a new addition to our family, Aminah.
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My Micro~Conflict Poem


I am: Smart, Short, Muslim, Fangirly

Who loves: Magcon, Mocha, My Family

Who hates: Spiders, No Wifi, Mean People

Who is happy when: I’m Eating, have Wifi, Someone Smiles

I am sad when: Someone is sick, no wifi, I'm grounded

I am excited when: I’m going on a trip, When i spend time with my family

I am angry when: When i spend time with my family, When someone puts me down

I feel safe when: Someone hugs me, I know that I'm loved I am loved

I fear: I cant find my phone, There’s no wifi


My Animals

I'M A PEACOCK!!!!!!!

Peacocks are loud, energetic, showy, and talkative. (D.O.P.E test)

I'm an Owl!!

Owls in conflict try to collaborate everyone's idea. Owls attempt to fully satisfy owns concerns as well as others.

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~Be a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios~

~Smile it improves your face value~

~Imagination is more important than knowledge -Einstein~

~When life gives you lemons make orange juice, and leave the world wondering how you did it~

~Live life free of fear~

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cookie reyes-mahone

Show You- Shawn Mendes by cookie reyes-mahone