Counselor Corner - Weekly Update

August 31st - September 4th

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Intro to School Counselor Video

Intro To School Counselor

Week 3: Growth Mindset!

During this time of new routines, schedules, and overall school it is important that we continue to foster students belief in themselves! One way we do this school wide is teaching students about Growth Mindset and the language involved when things get hard, confusing, or uncertain. Check out some ways below that help students (and adults) use phrases and responses to difficulties that may come with virtual learning!

Developing A Growth Mindset

If they say ... help them say ....

I am just not good at this!! ---------------> "You can learn anything if you work hard"

I give up! ----------------> "I know this is hard, but keep trying your best!"

This is too hard!! --------------> "Remember you can always ask for help when something is hard"

I'll never figure this out ----------------> "This may take more time and effort but you can do it!"

Oh no, I did it wrong! -------------> "Mistakes mean that you are learning, let's try again!"

I can't do this ------------> "Your brain can always learn how to do hard things"

We are here to help!

If at any time during the weeks we are out you feel that your child could benefit from chatting with someone from our Student Services team - Mrs. Morrison - School Counselor & Mr. Scholle - School Social Worker - please let us know! We are happy to chat with students as a check in on any anxieties they may be feeling or other issues that are affecting them socially or emotionally. You can email me directly at or Mr. Scholle at

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