Using The Bible

Rani Martin

The Bible

If you are a Christian, you can read the Bible to find stories about what God has done. The Bible is split up into different parts. There are two testaments, in each there are books, chapters and verses. If you have instructions to find a part of your Bible, it will look a bit like this: Genesis 1;1.

This means the book of Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 1. This is the first bit of the Bible.


Each Book of the Bible is a story about God's people, written long in the past. There are lots of books in the Bible, they are all very different and the only thing that connects them all is God. This means the Bible is like a library. At the end of the Bible you will find verses called 'Psalms'. These are poems of sorts about God that can give you advice.

Pick the right Bible

The Bible can be hard to understand and look through, especially the Old Testament which is very, very old. So if you buy one be sure to get the right for your age. You might want to just get an 'Illustrated bible stories' before you buy a proper Bible.

Famous tales

To start, read the famous Bible stories. I am sure you have heard of them: The birth of Jesus, Noah's ark, Jonah and the whale, The Garden of Eden. You can ask your parents to show you where these are and read them. The original stories might be different to the ones you know. Spot the difference!

What it shows you

The Bible can give you guidance, but it is not like other books you might read. Read it slowly and carefully and see what it might mean. There will be things you don't understand: ask people what they mean. Think about whether you agree with it or not. It is a very important book.