At a Glance

October 17

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Our kids LOVE sharing their writing! It has been great to see kids share their work. They are really proud of what you have taught them to do! Liam and Dean were both talking about their publishing parties to each other last night at the dinner table (Lillian would have but was busy protesting dinner). Your teaching last quarter has led them to enjoy and be proud of their writing!

Don't forget

  1. If you haven't scheduled your grade's field trip for the year, do so this month!
  2. We have our Teacher of the Year breakfast next Friday morning at 7:30.
  3. As you finish your DAs, add the scores to your LSPI Spreadsheet in Google. You can do it while you are in the lab so that it is done.

Engage those kids!

I saw some great tools for student engagement in my travels this week. The best is probably using the Voice Amplifier. Our Ladybug cameras are also quick ways to model for students. Last but not least, I saw Mr. Haxton calling on students using tongue depressor. This allowed him to randomly call on students which helped them focus on his direct instruction.


Small groups and individual conferencing = learning

Gradual Release

This week, Donna and Michele walked you through Gradual Release using a lesson on growth mindset. How they presented it was through gradual release. Their task in their video lessons is to teach through the Gradual Release model. This learning is meant to help us understand how to transition our classes into our workshop model. Their next step is to explicitly teach the stages of Gradual Release through their innovative video classroom lessons.
Gradual Release

Bragging on...

Mary Taylor

Thank you for showing all 3 of my 4th grade classes the W.I.S.E Research Method! I appreciate the time you took to plan an engaging lesson for my students!

-Shaila Khaki

Donna & Michele

Thank you for working on an innovative project with classroom broadcast! It takes bravery, even for a veteran, to come into great teachers' classrooms and present a lesson.

-Daniel Skelton

Fire Drill

The fire drill scheduled for next Monday has been moved so it will not compete with DAs.

Free eCLASS gifts!

Tracy Patience and Melissa Campbell (our new eCLASS Specialist) are going to be coming to your Tuesday planning. They aren't there to take any time. They are just going to listen to your planning every once in a while. Their task is to listen to what you are working on and create activities in eCLASS that you can use. They are there to give you gifts!