Watershed & Ocean Ecosystems

Gabby Mangiocco

5 Ways Humans Negatively Affect Ocean Ecosystems And Watersheds

  1. Pollution

  2. Overfishing

  3. Oil Spills

  4. Littering

  5. Offshore Drilling

Ways Humans Can Positively Affect Ocean Ecosystems & Watershed

  1. Town of Simsbury Connecticut has ways you can reduce water pollution.
  2. Oceana has trade agreements to deplete the oceans.
  3. Dawn raises $500,000 for wildlife groups.
  4. Community service volunteers clean up trash on the side of the road. (Chain gang)
  5. Environment America has a petition to save our coast and stop offshore drilling.

Effects on Ecosystems

Humans cause pollution and that's when our ocean ecosystems get effected, but for us to have clean watersheds we need to work hard to keep it clean and sanitized.