WISD Data Team Presents Edition #6

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05/02/2022: TSDL General Collection Opened - please see documents toward end of newsletter

05/02/2022: Days and Clock Hours General Collection Opened

05/02/2022: End of Year General Collection Opened

05/23/2022: Early Roster General Collection Closes

06/01/2022: FID Budgetary Assumptions Collection Opens

06/01/2022: Third Grade Retention Collection Opens

06/17/2022: Data quality check for data submitted before this date

06/30/2022: EOY General Collection Certification Deadline

06/30/2022: SRM Collection Closes

06/30/2022: REP EOY Collection Closes

06/30/2022: SID Collection Closes

MSDS Early Childhood End-of-Program Collection Dates

The EOP 2022 MSDS Early Childhood Collection opened April 13th.

Key Collection Dates:

  • Feb. 17 through Aug. 17: Reporting Period
  • Aug. 11: Data quality checks performed on data submitted before this date
  • Aug. 24: Certification Deadline

Microsoft Outlook Join button information

Recently Microsoft Outlook has started automatically adding a Join button on some calendar entries for online meetings. Unfortunately, the button sometimes automatically opens a meeting in Microsoft Teams, even when the meeting is actually scheduled in Zoom or Google! The easiest way to avoid sitting in a waiting room for a Teams meeting that will never start is to actually open the full appointment in the calendar when you’re trying to get into a scheduled meeting, and scroll down until you can see the actual meeting link with the associated details. One suggestion when you’re scheduling meetings is to include the venue at the start of the Subject line, e.g. [Zoom], [Teams], etc. so that participants have a better chance of recognizing when they’ve wound up in the wrong place.


Benchmark Assessment Reporting – Mode of Instruction

The Mode of Instruction, or Student Learning Preference, is a required element in the benchmark assessment data that is reported under Public Act 48 Section 104a. Here are the steps to populate this data for publishing to MiDataHub in PowerSchool:

A default learning preference may be assigned for each school by navigating to: (in district office) Setup à Schools/School Info and selecting a learning preference In the Michigan state information section at the bottom the page. This learning preference will be published by default for any students that do not have an individually assigned and active learning preference code.

Learning Preference assignment for individual students is found by selecting a student and navigating to the Digital Equity & Learning Preferences page, found under Enrollment in the left-hand navigation menu.

2021-2022 TSDL Collection Dates

  • TSDL will be unavailable during the following dates:
    • June 29-30 (peak EOY General Collection processing)
    • July 19-21 (EOY General Collection closeout)
  • July 4 (Mid-Collection 1) and July 25 (Mid-Collection 2) - Data quality checks performed on data submitted before these dates
  • Aug. 5 - General and Migrant TSDL Collection Certification Deadline

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