Top 5 Hair Care Products In India

As per the latest survey conducted by a group of Indian Dermatologists, people living in India, have to face extreme weather conditions and intense pollution, due to which their hair become rough, dry and gets split at the ends. If you're also suffering from these problems and looking for a one-stop-solution, here are top 5 herbal hair care products available in India, you must use.

1 Anti-bacterial and Anti-dandruff Neem Hair Oil:

Neem, the most-effective and widely cultivated herb in India, contains useful anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that are useful in treating numerous health problems. A leading herbal products manufacturing unit in India, has introduced a cost-effective solution to almost all hair problems including dry scalp, dandruff, and split-ends, named anti-bacterial and anti-dandruff Neem hair oil. Routine application of this oil along with light handed massage can help you get rid of irritating dandruff and other scalp issues.

2 Herbal Hair Pack:

Various hair and scalp related problems occur due to malnutrition, extreme weather conditions and adverse effects of ultraviolet rays when exposed to sun. Here is an ultimate solution all these problems, the herbal hair pack, manufactured by the leading herbal products supplier in India. It comprises of a proportionate blend of Neem and other effective herbs and their oils which are highly effective in treating dandruff, scalp inflammation and irritation. Regular use of this pack results n less hair loss, thickened hair, silky hair texture, and stimulated hair growth.

3 BH+ 100% herbal hair color:

Apart from extreme weather conditions and malnutrition, use of chemical based hair colors is another major reason of hair damage. This is where switching to BH+ 100% herbal hair colors is wise. Unlike conventional hair products, it does not contain PPD(Para Phenyline Diamine), Peroxide, Perborate, Ammonia or any chemical and ensures complete health and safe of your hair.

4 Herbal Mehndi for Hair:

Henna or herbal mehndi is the natural hair conditioner used by thousands of people in India. It contains proper blend of effective herbs like Neem Leaves, Amla,Brahmi, Mehandi Leaves ,Bhringraj, Bhilwara, Shikakai, Tulsi,Methi Seeds, Jamun Guthli, Paraphenylene Diamine, Sodium Perborate, Tartric Acid, Paraphenylene Diamine After Dilution Not More Than 2%. All these ingredients effectively condition and stimulate hair growth.

5 Strengthening Herbal Hair Oil:

A perfect combination of different effective oils extracted out of well-cultivated herbs, this hair oil is ideal for daily use and eventually results in strong, nourished hair.

All these products come at affordable prices and ensure long-lasting, safe results.