Calling all KDAT!

Fall is here!

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Updated lead times on KDAT

Here's the scoop:

It is getting colder outside and we are shifting gears and moving into fourth quarter. KDAT runs are now scheduled to EVERY OTHER TUESDAY. Currently there are no cut off times. All is subject to change based on kiln needs.

What this means to you:

Now is the time to have your sales team make their customers aware of these changes. Getting orders placed in advance will help to prevent long lead times. This is a great way to motivate your customers to plan ahead and remain on track for their future projects.

END RESULT: Two week lead time for your customers.

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• Minimum of cracking, cupping, twisting
• Lighter in weight, easier to handle
• Greater nail-holding power
• No delay necessary before painting or staining
• Building code compliance for all applications
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STICK MARKS- What are they?

Drying pressure treated lumber after it has been treated has benefits that include; enhanced stability, controlled cracking and checking, and removal of excess water from the wood cells. Drying allows the board to return to its uniform size. The process of drying requires that sticks be placed evenly between each layer of boards in the pack allowing air to pass through the unit. This will leave a light stripe on the face of the board. The stripe is visible on the installed product, but given exposure to the sun it will gradually darken. The length of time it will require depends on the intensity and duration of sun exposure. Several methods of artificially accelerating this process have been tried, but the best still seems to be natural sunlight and time.

Become a Blue Diamond Dealer:

- Location must be 100% Madison
- Follow Madison's Best Practice guidelines.
- Location stocks at least one high end product.
- Participates in Certified MADWOOD Installer Program (Sales counter staff must be trained and contractor event held at least once per year.)
-Signed up to receive MADWORD newsletters.

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