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Week of February 16th, 2014 Epiphany VI

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Stephanie Ann Singley

I'm drained but encouraged. That is the same way I felt after the 5K race on Team Stephanie, and of course she finished ahead of me. My time here has been a short 7.5 months but there was something about knowing Stephanie that has made the time rewarding for Linda and I. She welcomed us to her home, invited Linda to her Diva Digest Bookclub, introduced us to Alden, Ashely and dear Rose. She let us into the circle of her other faith journey friends and fighters who would not give up on the idea that God was not through with her. She encouraged and blessed me in our quiet but powerful conversations. she clung to her human faith knowing that transitioning was hard. She wanted life to be as normal for those around her as possible.

Before I met her the she served on the Search Committee and this particular meeting she was missing and I felt the love in the room, they prayed that night for her and I knew in the moment she was special. So we celebrate her being enowed with the power of te resurrection, rising with the other saints from ages past, taking her place among the those who have been tested, tried and finished the course. She is the daughter of Judah (praise) and in her own words she is phenominal. Thanks for your hard work, unity in spirit and getting through the day. Keep the family in prayer and be blessed.

Peace and Love, R+

This week's Lectionary Readings

Isaiah 61:1-4

Psalm 137:1-6

Galatians 3:9-11, 21-29

John 15:12-15

St. Luke's St. Andrew's Bible Study

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 6:30pm

111 Whalley Ave

New Haven, CT

Join us for a wonderful fellowship. The snow has kept us from consistently making every date, but we still have two weeks left. Next week at St. Andrew's and then our final study and eucharist here at St. Luke's. We are studying Fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5

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In Our Prayers This Week we pray for Christ’s Church, Easton; Holy Trinity, Enfield; St. John’s, Essex; St. Paul’s, Fairfield; The Union of Black Episcopalians.

At Home

Gloria Aranjo, Pat Dillon, Lucille Liburd, Blanche Jackson, Genevieve Jones, Torpholos Jones, Mildred Moore, Eunice Royster, Una Sanford, Terrence Simmons, Darrell Tyson, James Williams.

Arden House, Hamden

Ethel Archibald, Francil Hull, Ruby Moore

Atria – Larson Place, Hamden

John Wilson

Emeritus – Brighton Garden, Woodbridge

Doris Rodman

Jewish Home for the Aged, New Haven

Mildred Chapman, John Hare, Marjorie James

Milford Health & Rehabilitation Center

Father Robert Deming

At The Willows-Woodbridge

Marjorie Higgs, Eileen Pierson

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Happy Birthday!

Feb 17th Brandon Ferguson

20th Colleen Ormsby Patrick Pringleton

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21st Danielle Scott

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