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Linda King, 1st grade JCMES

Power School & Grades

At the end of the 1st grading period, there was an update with PowerSchool that has really caused 1st grade problems with using the system. If you recall from an earlier message I sent out, the system began giving everyone a grade of N- regardless of the actual grades that were entered. The county adjusted the system which then gave everyone an O, regardless of the grades that were entered. The problem seems to be related to the grades that 1st grade uses: O, S+, S, S-, P and N. We are unable to find a fix that will allow teachers to use it the way it is intended: to communicate with parents about grades and assignments and and to keep accurate grades for teachers. As a result, I will not be entering grades into PowerSchool. I do not want us to have miscommunications about student grades by using it the way it is currently set up. The grades you would be anticipating would most likely NOT be the grades they received.

How will grades be kept instead of using PowerSchool?

I will be keeping student grades on google sheets----back to the way we used to do things! I have set it up to average the grades for me. PowerSchool will only be used to enter the final grading period grades.

How will you, as a parent, know what is happening with your child's grades?

  1. You can look at the papers that come home. Items with grades on them will be counted toward your child's final grade. You may notice that not everything comes home with a grade. When introducing new material, we go over things together, so if there is no grade marked on the page, then it was a skill we were practicing and not assessing.
  2. If I have concerns about your child's grades, or if your child is getting especially low marks or missing assignments, I will contact you.
  3. At mid-term, I will give you updated information on your child's grades. When PowerSchool worked, we stopped doing interims because parents were able to access their child's grades at any time. Since you won't be able to do that any more, I will create a form to send home around midterm so that you will know where we stand.
  4. At any time, you can contact me through email, written notes, dojo or by phone and I will let you know how things look for your child's grades.

I apologize for this change, but if I am not able to communicate with you clearly using the tool, then it is time to make a change.

Thursday, February 1st

Conference Day

Tomorrow in your child's folder will be a form to sign up for conference day. Please mark the times that would work for you and we can make it happen! Keep in mind, that I do have 19 students, so please give me a few times as options so that I can fit everyone in who would like to come! The sooner you return your form, the more likely you are to get your 1st choice time!