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2-12-2016, Level Creek Elementary School, 4th grade

Friday folders

Please remember to review, sign, and return graded papers, and the Friday folders on Monday. The link to schedule a conference is still open. Remember spring conferences are student led and if you want one at school, please schedule a time with your homeroom teacher.

To paraphrase Paul Revere...The bottle people are coming...the bottle people are coming!

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Student Led Conferences

Conferences are coming up soon. In the Spring, fourth grade participates in student led conferences which means your student will be doing all of the talking. They will be supported by a presentation we helped them put together and their work samples collected in their portfolio. Both homeroom teachers will be circulating in the classrooms in case there are questions, but there will possibly be 2 conferences occurring at one time in each classroom. (We promise your conference will still be will have your own "station") This is a time for goal setting, passing the torch to your student, and letting them take responsibility and ownership for their learning and future progress.

You can still opt to not have a conference at this time if you chose. Your child can still share his/her Thinglink presentation with you at home.

Valentine Explosion!

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I can't Hear you!

The kids were asked to analyze the picture below. Their task was to decide whether the hearing device being used would have worked or not based on their current understanding of sound and hearing. They had to use evidence from the science information they have learned so far to support their response. What do you think?
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Quality Work Check-organization, reading, and Following Directions!

In the middle of the school year, kids often fall into a mid year slump when it comes to work quality. Please remind your student that quality work is always the Flying Rockstar expectation. Fourth grade work is first individual work unless they are otherwise notified, second, answers should written in complete sentences that include appropriate punctuation, and third, when you are provided with a tool or resource, you should utilize it. Work that is turned in without these three conditions being met will have points taken off. We are trying to set them up for success, get them ready for fifth grade, and be able to leap over the Georgia Milestone expectation bar. :)

Big 20s...They will count as grades now

Big 20 grades will begin to replace all computation grades this month. These Big 20s will be designed by me so that every problem on the assessment will represent a skill your child should have mastered by this time. My hope is that through repetition, these skills will be second nature for the Rockstars. The Big 20 in the Friday folder was given on Wednesday. It is an example of the ones that will follow in the future.

General Class information

All Curriculum Night presentations are linked on our website.

The invitation to join our Quizlet account can also be located on our website. Study

Next Week's Important Events

You can find a homeroom special's schedule on our class website.

Week of February 16th:

Monday No school

Tuesday Day 4 (PE)

Wednesday Day 5

Thursday Day 6, Force, Gravity, and Friction Mini Test

Friday Day 1 (PE), Mentor Quiz, LA eClass Post due, Math Test, Project due!

Revolution Hero Project is Due February 19th. (All parts)

Meet the 2015-16 Flying Rockstar Team

Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll!

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