The royal news

March 20th 1623

The Letter

Richard frethorne came to Jamestown in 1623 as an indentured servant. He wrote a important letter to his mother and father! The letter was dated march 20th 1623! Here is the important letter he wrote to his mother and father-

The letter is important because it's telling you what's going on in Jamestown!

Richard is describing the deaths and diseases. Two thirds of his fellow ships mates died.

They are suffering from lack of supplies and loss of leaders.

England should care because the letter should help him know what's going on and

Hopefully get some help.

The letter is positive because it should help them get help.

Interview with the king!!!!!

The king was born on June 19th 1566 at Edinburgh castle Scotland!

He was crowned on July 25th 1603 at westminster abbey.

The Jamestown was named after him!

He wrote the V.A charter allowing them to explore the new world and live there.

We have decided to include him in The Royal News because he is important, and he's the king!

Us: How do you think papers,books, and people will remember you in 2 or 3 hundred years?

King James: I think they will remember me as the most loyal king they had ever had!

King James has currently started writing the first ever English translated bible!


Virginia is a great place to live. There are new foods, species, and people! Wouldn't you love to meet a Indian?! Or meet a new animal friend??? What about trying new foods? Other people love living in Virginia! There is so much more room! So if you love adventure, new food, or new people, you'll LOVE Virginia!