Drug Abuse

Logan Wilczewski

Introductory paragraph

Drug abuse is a dangerous and should be scary topic. The younger generation of people do not seem to realize the problems drug abuse can cause. Drugs can range from prescription pain killers to meth and a wide variety of drugs in between. Even alcohol can cause substance abuse problems if you try to cover up your problems with it. Ultimately drug abuse can lead to depression when your not using said drugs to a whole host of health and mental problems.

"Oxycontin" by Lil Wyte (2003)

Lil Wytes Oxycontin relates to my project because its about drug abuse and some of the various drugs you can abuse. I chose this song first to give you some insight into a drug abuser.
Oxy Cotton W/ Lyrics

"Brick in yo face" by Stitches (2015)

I chose the song Brick In Yo Face for my flier because it gives you a view of what kind of people you would be dealing with if you were a drug user or worse abuser. The Author of the song used to be a drug dealer and quit because of the fear of going to prison.
Stitches - Brick In Yo Face (Official Video)

"Chandelier" By Sia (2014)

I chose the song Chandelier because it makes references to how an excess of alcoholism can cause a felling of emptiness and loneliness. This song also makes reference to the depression those feelings can cause and contemplating suicide because of the depression
Sia - Chandelier (Official Video)

"Its Been Awhile" By Aaron Lewis (2001)

I chose this song by Aaron Lewis because the songs before were about what happens when you use drugs and this song is about recovery after extended use and addiction to drugs
Aaron Lewis from Staind - Its Been Awhile

"It Don't Matter" By Rehab (2000)

This song is by a group of people who started writing music in rehab hence the band name I chose this song because its people who have been through recovering from drug problems and singing about it.
Rehab - It Don't Matter

"Going Through Changes" By Eminem (2010)

I picked this song because its about how drug abuse can affect your life and how some friends can't understand the changes your going through trying to get over an addiction.
Eminem Going Through Changes

"Under The Bridge" By the Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)

I chose this song because it talks about how lonely you can be when addicted to drugs and how it hurts the people around you that care about you.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge (Official Music Video)

"One Day At A Time" By The Eagles (2005)

I chose this song last because its a song about recovering from an addiction and the steps to get there and i felt like this song just belong to finish off my flier.
Eagles one day at a time