By Bailey Smith

The Plant

The Victorian desalination plant is located in Wonthaggi on the bass coast, and is rainfall-indedependent and can supply 150 billion letres of water a year. It was made to supply Melbourne with high quality drinking water to match Melbourne's catchment supplies. The plant includes a pipeline through Berwick to the Cardinia reservoir to transfer water.
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Economic Benefits

The great things about the new plant is that we will have a lifetime supply of water. it takes the sea water, treats it and delivers high quality drinking water to us. it will create lots of jobs for people in the area, and over time we might save money for water usage.
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Environmental Concerns.

People are conerned about their environment as the plant will destroy a wide range of habitats and destroy ecysystems. the part of the environment where the plant is will scar the land for a very long time. it will create a lot of green housw gasses in the area and in the area it will double the amount of salt in the ocean.

How the Decision is made

It is made by Steve Bracks, and he would cosultate with many different ministers and they put together reasons for the desal plant. They would assess all of the impacts it will have, but see great pertential in having a new decal plant and what it would mean for the future for Melbournes water supply.