The Crusade Against Conservatives

GCISD Parents Update 3.10.22

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"The Crusade Against Christians & Conservatives"

Conservatives and Christians are under attack in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. Two parents speak out against hate and tell the story of how what happened in their school district is really playing out nation-wide.

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How did we get to a point that a teacher thought of parents as open targets?

The Setting

In a crowded, open area of Colleyville Middle School, former GCISD teacher Lisa Grimes has a conversation with two other teachers that ends with her wishing death on conservative Christians because of their beliefs.

"The rest of my life is impacted because of politics? Because of conservative Christian crap? I'm telling you, those conservative Christians...they need to die...they need to get C*vid and die."
Zack P. February 28, 2022 (culture of hate toward Christian Conservatives)

See Something, Say Something

The teachers who participated in this conversation heard everything Ms. Grimes said and did nothing to alert district administration.

This is in direct violation of the “See something, say something” policy.

These teachers were comfortable having this conversation within yards of students, which is how one of those students recorded the conversation.

For that student to be ready to record, it is implied that the student knew conversations like this weren't uncommon. This wasn’t an isolated incident.

Mario C. February 28, 2022 (conservatives are under attack nation-wide)

For this environment to exist -- GCISD has a systemic issue of tolerating hate toward conservatives and Christians.

Big picture

Dr. Whitfield

A few months ago, Dr. Whitfield, former CHHS Principal, publicly called out “white, Christian, straight” people as against education.

Dr. Whitfield says white Christian straights people want school just for them

PTA Activism

Mid-February, the PTA took money from a political activism group called "Protect GCISD" and, in exchange, handed out their political propaganda to all PTA leadership.

That political group identifies itself as "activists" and characterizes the non-activist conservative parents, community members, and trustees as "extremists."

Big picture
Big picture
By taking money from a political activism group, the PTA directly violated at least two parts of its own bylaws.
Big picture
Big picture

Trustee Corruption

This dad ties together the PTA leadership's activism with the actions of the sitting trustee in Place 5. She is an officer on the Council Executive Board and stuffed the "swag bags" with the political materials.
Aaron R. February 28 , 2022 (PTA corruption; Christian/Conservative hate)
Big picture

Lisa Grimes

About six months after Dr. Whitfield's departure, Ms. Grimes verbalized that Christian Conservatives should get C*vid and die.
Lisa Grimes: GCISD middle school teacher "conservative Christians need to die"

Advocate Attacks

One week after Ms. Grimes resigned, the Grapevine Republican Club tried to hold a private screening of a movie called "The Mind Polluters" at the local recreation center.

Progressive political activists who call themselves "Advocates" tried to cancel the event and silence conservative voices.
Big picture
Out of concern for the safety of the people attending the movie, the Grapevine PD put 4 police cars on site: 1 in back, 2 in front of one entrance, and 1 in front of the other.

What kind of an environment do we have in our district and community that any of this is acceptable?

The Way Forward

C*vid created a wall between parents and teachers that stopped the flow of trust. The once quiet hatred by progressives toward Christians and conservatives has now been heard out loud...and it's growing.

To combat this, we need to communicate better with each other.

Parents value professional teachers who genuinely respect ALL points of view. Ultimately, everyone wants the same thing: a better experience for the kids.

Don't let the actions of a few teachers rob you of a healthy relationship with other teachers.