Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disposable Email Address

According to Mailcatch, it will "quickly creates a 'disposable' email address to use with web tools that require email registration. This could be your solution to using free, membership-required sites where students must sign up individually using an email address.

Have students choose a 'Mailcatch' address in the beginning of the school year as part of your introductory lesson on acceptable use procedures. Once that email is chosen, they can use it every time they need to sign up for a website that requires an email. After they have used it in your class, show them how to check the mail by typing in their 'address' into the web page. Here they can see their email, such as membership confirmations."


Selective Printing

Print What You Like says, "Hate to waste paper? Use this free resource to print web pages without wasted white space, ads, or extra pages. Enter the URL (web address) of the website you wish to print, rearrange the elements, and print! To rearrange, edit the items on the left navigation bar. Choose to show or hide the background, images, or margins. Change the font or font size. Save your changes as a pdf for later viewing. Create an account for more features such as "change sets" which allow your formatting options to be applied to other pages from the same website and clips. Use the clips or pieces from various web pages to create a simple page that houses them all."


Snowy Day Resources

If you need something extra when the kids are extra enthusiastic because of a snowy day, this site might be helpful. It is a collection of resources to "plan ahead" for snow days. Teachers First writes, "Maybe you want to stop and appreciate snow for snow's sake by creating snowflakes and studying this striking weather phenomenon. Or perhaps your class needs a way to convene for some snow day collaboration. Whatever your situation, you will find tools and ideas here for any grade level."



Using ZooBurst, storytellers of any age can create their own 3D books. ZooBurst books “live” online. Authors can arrange characters and props within a 3D world that can be customized using 1 of 10,000 uploaded images found in a built-in database. Basic accounts are 100% free.

Fun App for Making Fakes

Fakers$, the wild photo app, lets you create fake magazine covers, newspapers, diplomas, name badges, cards, invitations, posters, and labels.