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The Life and Times of Mark Twain....

Mark Twain a.k.a. Samuel Langehorn Clemens was an accomplished, outstanding author of the 19th century. He was brave and stood up for what he believed in, which also happened to be just. Mark wrote vividly about the issues he wanted to discuss, whether or not anyone else had the guts to say it. He gave the people's thoughts a voice, and was able to inspire quite a few people by his bravery and great quotes. It is the truth when you say that Mark Twain will not be forgotten anytime soon.

As A Child....

Mark Twain was born on November 30,1835, to John and Jane Clemens. Mark was born into a family with 6 other siblings. Their names were Orion, Margaret, Pamela, Pleasant, Benjamin, and Henry Clemens (Pleasant was a boy). His two sisters were older and his brothers were younger. Hannibal, his hometown, affected his life in the sense that his whole writing tone and how he wrote and what he wrote about reflected his childhood, and the lifestyle of the small, southern town that he lived in. Mark Twain moved to Hannibal from Florida, Missouri when he was 4. His father, a lawyer, died when he was only 12 years old, and that most likely also affected his writing style.

Into Adulthood....

As an adult, Mark married Olivia Langdon Clemens and had four children: Clara, Langdon, Susy, and Jean. The only child that survived into late adulthood was Clara, who later died of old age. There are no blood relatives of Mark Twain living today. His real name is Samuel Langehorn Clemens. He changed it to Mark Twain because of one of his experiences on a riverboat. The minimum depth of the river in order to be able to pass is 12 feet. The "sea language" term for that is "mark twain", and so he got his new name.

"Mark Twain's" education did not go past elementary school, but he did later attend university. He went to Yale, University of Missouri, and University of Oxford. Unfortunately, after an amazing feat of 85 years(not many people lived that long,) Mark Twain passed away on April 12, 1910.

Outstanding Accomplishments....

Mark Twain was a loving son, husband, and father. He became a best-selling author and inspired so many people along the way that his books are still in print today. None of his books have been out of print since the first time that they were published. That is mostly because the topics and issues talked about in Mark's books are still relevant to matters in the world today. His famous quotes are still said and talked about to this day.

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