Weekly Tech News

September 22, 2017

Upcoming Sessions and Schedule Changes

This upcoming week marks the end of September's topic of Twitter. Albion Elementary staff is welcome to attend a Twitter playground on Tuesday. On Thursday, the Senior High staff will be making up the initial Twitter JOT that we missed due to weather.

As of now, there will be some changes to next month's sessions. I want to give as much notice as possible, so here are the currently scheduled sessions for October. Obviously things come up, like weather, and I will try to keep everyone updated and aware of any new changes each week.

WL JOT 10/03

AE JOT 10/10


WL Playground 10/24

SR JOT 10/26

AE Playground 10/31

JR/SR High Playground 11/2

The next topic will be BreakoutEdu! These sessions will be different than any that I've held before. Be sure to bring your thinking cap and collaboration skills!

Something to Think About: SAMR

I'm sure at some point you've heard of SAMR. It's a quick and easy way to gauge your technology integration. It's important to remember that all levels of the SAMR model are useful, but we should strive for redefinition. Are you having students type a paper with a word processor instead of writing it with a pencil? Or are you trying to change that paper into a published book complete with student created images, graphs, and audio using iBooks author? If you feel you're rocking modification or redefinition, I'd love to see it it! On the other side of things, you may feel stuck in substitution. Reach out! We may be able to plan something together! Two heads are always better than one.
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#GoOpen Experience

A few weeks ago I attended a day of OER training. Open Educational Resources are items made for education with little to no license/reuse restrictions. Basically, free stuff for teachers and students to use however they see fit. Here are some of the takeaways and resources that were shared with me:


  • Audacity (record and edit audio)
  • Canva (create images)
  • H5P (create interactive tools)
  • Infogr.am (create graphics from data)
  • ThingLink (create interactive images)
  • Youtube video editor (edit video; add CreativeCommons)
  • Blendspace (remix or create)
  • EDpuzzle (remix or create)


I haven't looked through every tool and resource that was shared, but the ones I've see in action seem to have value! I hope these resources prove to be beneficial when you are planning.

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!