Social Graces December Team Kudos!

It's time to celebrate!

I hope your holiday season was amazing and you enjoyed some family time feeling accomplished that you met your goals for 2015. You certainly rocked out Q4 with Stella & Dot - high five! Let's celebrate, your awesomeness deserves it!
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Sold $5000 - Power Sellers - earned 7% commission bonus!

Angelyn Horrell $7,947

Sold $2500+ and earned their 5% volume bonus!

Way to go, Ladies!

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Sold over $1000 this month!

Erin Burns $2,060

Shelly Griffin $1,938

Mandy Lane $1,384

Karen Fleet $1,207

Karen Mannis $1,116

Qualified with at least $500 in sales!

Karrye McCarthy

Alyse Williams

Lynn Miller

Meg Houk

Lejean Mitchell

Tabnie Dozier

Carolyn Bess

Jennifer Sanberg

Lea Ann Williams

Caroline Klobas

Monica Washington

Gina Scenna

Q4 Style Fix Level 1 Earners!!

These ladies have sold at least $500 in Q4 and have earned Level 1 sample coupon - $200 worth of Spring samples for $69!

Ashley Sanders

Stephanie Poorman

Gina Scenna

Trisha Savage

Stevie Strickland

Trudi Telehey

Alyse Williams

Rachel Donahue

Karrye McCarthy

Meg Houk

Kimberly Martin

Mindy England

Jennifer Miller

Judi Mahoney

Megan Maxwell

Courtney Mack

Q4 Style Fix Level 2 Earners (yeah baby)!

These ladies have sold over $2000 so far in Q4 and have earned their Style Fix coupon - $500 samples for $99!

Angelyn Horrell

Whitney Scott

Marty Drury

Jennifer Cahill

Carolyn Bess

Caroline Klobas

Erin Burns

Karen Fleet

Shelly Griffin

Kris Denzer

Tabnie Dozier

Jenny Moss

Lauren Sutton

Lea Ann Williams

Lejean Mitchell

Monica Washington

Jennifer Sanberg

Karen Mannis

Lynn Miller

Mandy Lane

2015 Year End Results!

Top 20 in SALES for 2015

Angelyn Horrell $71,115

Whitney Scott $27,580

Jennifer Cahill $27,342

Marty Drury $24,046

Caroline Klobas $19,700

Carolyn Bess $18,446

Jenny Moss $14,499

Karen Fleet $13,823

Kris Denzer $12,972

Erin Burns $11,886

Lea Ann Williams $11,445

Kimberly Martin $10,826

Alison Thomas $9,039

Karen Mannis $8,364

Stevie Strickland $7,847

Monica Washington $7,313

Ashley Sanders $6,966

Trisha Savage $5,585

Jennifer Sanberg $5,177

Tabnie Dozier $5,176

Kudos to those who SPONSORED in 2015

Angelyn Horrell 13

Whitney Scott 3

Monica Washington 3

Karen Mannis 3

Erin Burns 2

Kimberly Martin 2

Joy Cadell 2

Carolyn Bess 1

Kris Denzer 1

Kathy Brannan 1

Caroline Klobas 1

Courtney Mack 1

It's January!

It's a new year with lots of possibilities! Time to start fresh, clean slate. What do you want for 2016? I hope you've had some time to dwell on your 2016 intentions and goals for the year. Whatever they are, you have my support and the support of this leadership team to help you! I'll be reaching out to all of you over the next week or so, I'd love to have some one on one time with you, to hear your goals and how I/we can best support you!

My goal for this year, this team is for us to be full of support, joy and happiness. I want to do everything I can as a leader to make Stella & Dot your happy place! And personally, my #1 goal this year is to have lots more sponsoring conversations, improve my follow up, and doubling my personal sponsoring for the year. In turn, I also want to help YOU sponsor more this year. Why? Because it doubles your S&D happiness to help others and it doubles your paycheck too! So let's do that :)

Let's build this together! Can't wait to see what good things we are celebrating at the end of THIS year! #bettertogether



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Angelyn Horrell, Stella & Dot Associate Director

I'm your team leader, I"m here to help YOU! Please reach out to me if you would like extra support!