By: Shannon Chuang

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How do I quit smoking?

You have to know the long term effects, and after you educate your self on that, you probably wouldn't want to go through the pain. The first step t change is to reset your mind and have a new goal. Not only will quoting benefit you, it will also help you with your family's health and making you more presentable physically and mentally. If mental conditioning does not work, you can always try therapy from a professional.
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Christine's Story

During high school, Christine wanted to fit in, so she began smoking at age 16. She became addicted and continued smoking for 28 years.

In 2007, at age 44, Christine’s life would change forever. A biopsy of a growth inside her cheek revealed oral cancer. After 35 radiation treatments and chemotherapy, she seemed to be cured. But the cancer returned in 2008; this time surgery was her only option. Her third bout with oral cancer in 2009 was even more serious. She learned it had spread to her jawbone, classifying it as stage IV. Doctors had to remove half of her jaw. Today, at age 49, Christine has been smoke-free for 5 years.