Biloxi Indian Tribe

By: Ethan Phillips

Wear Biloxi lived

The Biloxi lived near the city Mississippi. They live in long house made out of mud, bark and rocks. After the Biloxi fought in a battle against the French they moved to louisiana, some even went to Texas.

Things the Biloxi Ate

The Biloxi eat anything they can hunt, grow or fish. They mainly grow crops. They hunted Bison, Buffalo, and traditionally Deer.

Biloxi tools

One tool the Biloxi used was a canoe for fishing. Other things they used for fishing was spears and nets. Tools they used for hunting were spear, and bow and arrows. The made things they needed like pottery, baskets, wooden bows, and bone and horn implements.

Biloxi Clothes

Biloxi men usually wore breechcloth or breechclout. They were usually made of deer skin. Belts were made out of deer skin or beaded corn. Women wore leggings and moccasins.

Biloxi traditions

I am going to tell you 3 biloxi traditions. 1 Biloxi oddly buried their people standing up. They did that because they thought that was respect full. 2 The Biloxi people got tattoos on their face for tradition. 3 They also put earrings on their noses.

Biloxi Myth

Trickster Rabbit is one of the Biloxi myths. One story of the Trickster Rabbit is how Trickster stole the otter’s coat. Another is how Trickster got the deer's horns.

Fun Facts

I have 2 fun facts for you. 1 Biloxi ended up being in 3 states. 2 The Biloxi speak sioux.