Horatio Gates


Role in the Revolution

Horatio Gates was a retired British Soldier who served as an American General during the Revolutionary War.Horatio Gates was famous for victory at Saratoga and his disgrace at Camden, But his service in the Military cannot be described with only two battles.
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3 important facts

1. He served in the German 20th foot during the war.

2. He would go to the Middle Colony of New York in 1754.

3. He was well-educated in the European style warfare and lived in their aristocratic system.

Family Life

Horatio Gates is married to Elizabeth Phillips in 1775. They a had a baby boy and named him Robert.Also had a baby girl Dorothea Reeve.

Life After the Revolution

The Continental Army suffered through several defeats. In the late 1777,General Thomas Conway allegedly tried, unsuccessfully, to discredit George Washington and have him replaced with Horatio Gates. The rumor conspiracy would go down in history as the Conway Cabal.