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“It’s important to know what the law says about sex and young people. This will help you to know what's right and wrong so you can make safe choices that you are happy with” -Thinkuknow

Usually, the age where you can legally have sex is 16.

Any other form of physical closeness that happens without consent is known as sexual assault. It can also include; watching other people having sex, 'sexting' (sending sexual images), and forcing involvement in watching or making pornography.”

It is illegal to take, possess or share 'indecent images’ of anyone under 18 even if you're the person in the picture. No one has defined ‘indecent’ but basically if it’s naked, a topless girl, contains genitals or sex acts, including masturbation, then it will be indecent. Remember - if you wouldn’t show it to your parents- then you probably shouldn't share it online!"


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After all this, you should know that there are ways to protect and be protected online. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take extra measures. For example; be careful which places' wifi you use, be careful where you use your device. And the basics- be careful what kind of information you put about yourself online! Online security isn't only protection against people who want your credit card numbers and passwords, but also people you meet on social medias.

Good luck!

-Fonie Mitsopoulou

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat... All social medias!

Social Media

ou really should know how to safe online before you make an account because these days the internet can be a dangerous place.

1) Go to settings and make your account private. You don't want anyone who's not your friend to be able to see pictured of you and details about you.

2) Think twice what you post online. If it gets out there, you cant get it back. Your reputation could be ruined.

3) Don't release personal details like where you live or work, or even how old you are.

4) Add people you actually know and not just anyone. If you don't know them- they could be dangerous. Seriously.

These are some very basic rules you should follow. Also, use your common sense. Don't post mean things about people, harass people, post inappropriate pictures, talk to people you haven't met in person, etc. What good could ever come from these things?


ncryption has been around for a very long time. It has been used a lot in the past for sending codes thats cant be intercepted and read by enemies during wars. If it falls into the wrong persons' hands- you're still safe, because they wont understand a thing!

Encryption pros and cons

Encryption makes sure that only a person with a special code/key can read the data. This is used a lot today while shopping online. There are a lot of people online who are trying to get credit card numbers and passwords to use for themselves, and what sites with access to these codes have done is called SSL.

SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer," which encrypts your details using advanced mathematics and then the recieving computer has the code/key to crack the encryption and use the information you gave them. FACT: Pages that use SSL start with HTTPS::/

Encryption: online encyclopedia