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Giotto's History

Giotto was born in Florence and he was part of the Renaissance movement. He was an outstanding painter, sculptor, and architect. There aren't really any documents to give us information about Giotto's early life. These records were destroyed by Napoleon's army. All of his early life is in question because of this. It was generally accepted that he was apprenticed to Cimabue at a young age.

Giotto, Father Of The Italian Renaissance Movement

Giotto was one of the leading people for the Italian Renaissance movement. He rebelled from the Byzantine style of art and brought his works to life through accurate drawings before completing a painting.

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The Flight Into Egypt

I like this painting because it tells a story, it has lots of color, and the subjects are realistic. I recognize that there is a lot of line, color and value. I see movement in the trees and the almost three dimensional look of things makes me think of op art.