English 10B

Week 8 April 23-27

Welcome to a new unit!

We are all done with our study of literacy narratives! Overall, I think that tenth graders did a great job with it. I realized while reading these essays that this assignment has been valuable in helping students reflect on their past experiences while also showing me their history with literacy. I feel like I got to know the students well by reading what they had to say. I feel very grateful that they shared their stories with me. Everyone's final draft score is updated on Canvas. I will let students know that if they scored below 30/50, they may make revisions to their draft by Wednesday to earn a higher score.

Our next unit is all about argumentative writing and I think students are really going to enjoy it! This unit will also serve as an intro to MLA style. We will also be touching briefly on capitalization this week because I noticed while reading their essays that this something we need to work on.

What's Ahead This Week

Monday We will have an intro lecture on argumentative writing and how to use counterclaims in argumentative essays. Students will be asked to take a stand on topics like energy drinks, text books, and standardized testing. They will be turning in their notes from this lecture for points.

Tuesday We begin with a review of capitalization rules and complete an in class assignment on capitalization. I will also give some practice homework over capitalization. Then, we will return to argumentative writing by examining argumentative essays on energy drinks. Students will work on deconstructing the arguments in those essays.

Wednesday To start class we will check the homework over capitalization. Then, we will return to the essays over energy drinks. This is a somewhat lengthy assignment so students will have time in class to finish this work; it will be due during class on this day. Students will also be asked to outline an essay of their own that reflects their own opinion on the topic.

Thursday We will begin with a quiz over capitalization. Then, we will start our discussion of sources for academic writing. First, we will cover what makes a reliable source, usable for papers in school. Then, students will "test" some sources for their credibility. Then, we will begin our discussion of MLA style.

Friday Returning to arguments, students will start class with an essay organizer. Then, with a page of untested sources, they will organize/outline an argumentative essay. This will be practice for what's coming next week: their own argumentative essay!


Due Tuesday Lecture notes check (in class)

Due Wednesday Capitalization practice

Due Monday April 30 Practice Argumentative Organizer

Discussing the Tiger Truckstop

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