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Casa Grande Union High School District | January 2023

Superintendent Message


This new year provides me an opportunity to recap and connect the great work staff and students have been engaged in. I shared this one-pager (please click the image below) with the staff upon return January 3, 2023. It is important we are mindful and understand how instructional strategies, decisions, resources, and actions impact the exceptional learning outcomes desired and expected. We believe in our students. We believe in our staff. We believe in our community. We believe we will impact the future in great strides! Happy New Year!

Staff Member of the Month

Mr. Ralph Belloc, Facilities Director, was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the January Staff Member of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Mr. Belloc has been instrumental over the last 18 months in ensuring that the Operations team, within Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHSD), is functioning efficiently and optimally. His leadership has resulted in significant Building Renewal Grant dollars flowing to CGUHSD relieving the capital and M&O budget of financial pressure. During the last six months, Mr. Belloc 's team secured grant dollars for cooling towers replacement at Vista Grande High School ($432,000), emergency roof repairs for the Olasky at Casa Grande Union High School ($40,000), and a complete roof replacement at Casa Grande Union High School ($3.9m). Further, our preventative maintenance plans put into place by Mr. Belloc and his team have ensured that CGUHSD has met the requirements to qualify for these grant funds as the SFOB (School Facility Oversight Board) does not allow BRG dollars to be released to districts who have not maintained their equipment. Mr. Belloc has also led CGUHSD to almost full staffing in custodial services after receiving support from our Governing Board to raise hourly wages for this job classification and continues to ensure that work orders are complete in a timely fashion through our facilities management tools. Finally, Mr. Belloc works to ensure that every dollar of the Operations Department budget is used in an efficient manner so CGUHSD can continue to maximize dollars in learning experiences and outcomes for students. For these reasons, Mr. Belloc was recognized as the Staff Member of the Month.

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Battle Words for the Week

Superintendent Dr. Anna Battle inspires us with quotes and words of wisdom to carry out our week. Check it out on the district’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, and Battle Words for the Week!

Battle Words of the Week 01/10/2023
Battle Words of the Week 01/04/2023
Battle Words of the Week 12/12/2022

Superintendent's Challenge

Dr. Anna Battle, Superintendent, has a community service challenge for all CGUHSD students. Earn 50 hours or more per year in community service by your senior year (200 hours total in 4 years) and receive a Superintendent's Challenge honor cord and certificate. Complete 200 hours of community service in one school year (with hours beginning June 1 until the deadline) and receive a varsity letter. There is a formal community service log that needs completed to verify your hours. The deadline for seniors is April 9 and underclassmen is May 4. Many local businesses, libraries, after-school programs, and organizations need volunteers. Call them and see if you can volunteer.

Governing Board Welcomes Two New Members

The Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHSD) welcomed Steve Hayes and Steven Hunt to their Governing Board on Tuesday, January 3. Both were accompanied by their family and sworn in. Immediately following, the Governing Board convened into an Organizational Meeting for the election of Board President (Chuck Wright), President Pro Tempore (Steve Hayes), and Legislation Representative (Taylor Kirby), and to establish the meeting day and time for the 2023 year (1st Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m.).

Steve Hayes

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Steven Hunt

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Governing Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 3

CGUHSD Governing Board Meeting 1/3/2023

Governing Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 10

CGUHSD Governing Board Meeting 01/10/2023

Mrs. Telles Invited to Attend Governor's Swearing In Ceremony

Mrs. Donna Telles, Fine Arts Teacher, was invited to attend Governor Katie Hobbs’s swearing-in ceremony on Thursday, January 5.

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VFW District 10 Teacher of the Year

Cedric Collins, Freshman Success teacher, was named VFW District 10 Teacher Of The Year and will move on to state competition in January.

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National Board Certification of Teachers

Congratulations to Ms. Scheeler and Ms. DeAnna Addison who received word regarding the National Board Certification of Teachers. They both certified on their first attempt. Ms. Scheeler is certifying in Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Mathematics and Ms. Addison is certifying in Exceptional Needs Specialist - Early Childhood through Young Adulthood - Mild/Moderate Disabilities (ages 5-21+). These commitments, along with other continuing educational goals such as Modern Classroom Mentor for Ms. Scheeler and a doctorate for Ms. Addison, are true indicators of leaders of learning. Thank you, Ms. Scheeler and Ms. Addison, for who you are and how you represent all of us.

2023/24 Registration Open

Welcome to Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHD)!

Register today @

Questions? Please contact your high school.

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ACT Mastery Check

Congratulations to the students who scored 100% or achieved mastery on the recent ACT Mastery Check in October, November, and December. Keep up the great work! The second ACT aligned benchmark which will be administered January 24, 2023.

Seal of Biliteracy

Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHSD) is participating in the Arizona Department of Education’s Seal of Biliteracy. The Seal of Biliteracy is an award given by CGUHSD to qualifying students in recognition of those who have attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. Additionally, the Seal of Biliteracy recognizes, supports, and endorses students' first/home languages.

The Seal of Biliteracy is open to any student who qualifies, including ELL students and exchange students. The Seal of Biliteracy encourages participants to pursue biliteracy, honors the skills our students attain, and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices. It takes the form of a seal that appears on the diploma of the graduating senior and is also documented on their official transcript.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than sixty-five million U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home—a number that has been growing decade by decade since the 1970s. Nevertheless, that number represents only 20.7 percent of the total population, and only a fraction of this cohort speaks, reads, and comprehends a second language well enough to use it in their everyday lives. Most American citizens remain monolingual.

CGUHSD students who earn the Seal of Biliteracy receive a qualification email, a certificate signed by the Superintendent, a cord, and a medal. A gold seal is placed on the student's diploma and documentation of the Seal of Biliteracy, by language, is recorded on the student's official CGUHSD transcript. Please note that if students qualify as a junior, they will receive a qualification email and the designation will be posted to their transcript, however, the certificate, the cord, the medal, and the gold-embossed seal for the diploma will be awarded when they are a senior prior to graduation.

For more information, visit If you have questions, please contact Dr. Roel, Subject Matter Expert: World Languages/Electives and Seal of Biliteracy Coordinator at


Seal Of Biliteracy Intro Video

Give Me 5 Friday

Each week, Jennifer Kortsen, Public Relations Officer, interviews a staff member and posts it on social media. Check it out on the district’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, and Give Me Five Friday!

Give Me 5 Friday 1/6/2023
Give Me 5 Friday 12/16/2022

Portrait of a Graduate

It is our goal that every CGUHSD graduate demonstrates the following qualities and traits: resilience, critical thinking, accountability, collaboration, innovation, cultural literacy, and integrity. Ms. Jennifer Kortsen, Public Relations Officer, will interview current students on each of the qualities and traits, and post it on social media. Check out the first two videos on integrity and accountability (more to come in the future)!
Portrait of a Graduate 12/02/2022

Where Are They Now

Ms. Jennifer Kortsen, Public Relations Officer, interviews a CGUHSD graduate and posts it on district social media. Check it out on the district’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Channel!

Where are they now 12/15/2022

Governor Hobb's State of the State Address

Please find Governor Hobbs's State of the State Address below. In the second paragraph, she also pays tribute to Mr. Mel Hannah, Dr. Battle's beloved uncle, who recently passed away.



Rotary Student of the Month [CGUHS]

Grant Johnson was selected as the January CGUHS Rotary Student of the Month. Grant was recognized for his school and community involvement, achievements, activities, and leadership skills: 4.1 GPA, College-Level Math (SR), CAC English (SR), Honors Classes (JR), Outstanding Algebra II Student Award (SO), Student Council (SR), NRF Foundation Retail Industry Fundamental Specialist (JR), Volunteer (SO), Varsity Football Captain (SR), Varsity Football Starter (SR, JR, SO), Varsity Football State Champion Team (JR), 4A All-Region Honorable Mention (JR), 4A All-Region Second Team Defensive Linemen (SO), Division One University Football Offer (1), and NAIA College Football Offers (3). After high school graduation, Grant plans to attend one of the four-year universities in Arizona and, hopefully, play football at that level. His path after college is yet to be determined, but he will most likely pursue a degree in Business. Grant’s parents are Brian & Julie Johnson.

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Rotary Student of the Month [INOVA]

Victoria Banda was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the January INOVA Rotary Student of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Everyone raves that Victoria works hard and that she doesn't make excuses. To know Victoria, one must know that she has been rewarded for her contributions as an artist both in the classroom and by way of the web. Victoria's mother has stated that she is amazed by her natural gift for being creative and how her artwork being on Google would provide more shine and appreciation that she deserves. Victoria's hobbies are playing video games and putting ideas on paper with her animation skills. Victoria also loves spending time with her family. including birthdays. She even designed a cake for her mother. Her mother is her superhero because she goes to her for support, making her feel better. Victoria's mom stated that she and the family appreciate having the option to attend INOVA because she did not feel displaced or lack social interaction.

Because INOVA was an option, it helped Victoria progress toward the finish line of becoming a soon-to-be Class of 23' high school graduate. Victoria does have an interest in pursuing animation at Full Sail University. Currently, she is interested in working at the grocery store and working for the newspaper. One thing she appreciates about INOVA is she feels supported by her teachers, counselor/success coach, and staff. She enjoyed taking the ASU College trip with INOVA because she got to ask questions and learn about more of the culture of the University, details that she only got exposed to once taking this trip. If Victoria had one superpower, it would be to summon water. Her advice to the student body is that she aspires to be herself every day, so she encourages everyone to find out what works for them the most and consistently do it to their best ability. She also shared that by being an INOVA student, she feels empowered to work hard and achieve great things.

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Rotary Student of the Month [VGHS]

Kenyon Caldwell was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the January VGHS Rotary Student of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Kenyon is a student-athlete who played basketball his first two years of high school and has played football all four years. He has been a captain of the Spartan Varsity Football team since his junior year. His coaches have recognized him as one of the most dedicated and committed members of the team. Kenyon always participates in the summer football training program, attends all football practices, and gives his all at every game. He is also an active community member. Kenyon regularly volunteers to babysit for his neighbors and community members in Arizona City. He has volunteered to restore a community basketball court by laying cement, repainting the court, and replacing the basketball hoop nets. Kenyon is an equipment manager for a Phoenix-based men's and women's flag football league and records action clips during flag football games. He plans to attend Central Arizona College and earn an associate degree in Business Management. Kenyon’s career goal is to manage his own independent consulting business. His parents are Anthony & Veroncia Caldwell.

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CTE Students of the Month

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Over 1,600 students are enrolled in thirteen (13) Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs throughout the Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHSD). Each month, a different CTE program nominates a deserving student for this honor.

CTE Student of the Month: [CGUHS] Construction Technologies

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Hannah Hartman was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the November CGUHS CTE Student of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Hannah was nominated by her CTE Construction Technologies teacher, Mr. Mike Wagner. “The challenge here is to minimize a description of someone as talented and inspiring as Hannah in 150 words or less. She embodies the word challenge, pressing hard to reach goals early in life. Currently taking Construction at CGUHS, she is also attending evening classes for her EMT certification at CAC, a 9-unit course. She is the SkillsUSA President for the Construction division, managing community service projects, fundraising, and keeping Wagner on his mark for ‘what’s next?’. She has earned two (2) nationally recognized construction certificates and, in the spring, will work towards another; earned high scores on the technical skills assessment for construction from ADE; and did I mention, she likes to watch otters on the Monterey Sea Aquarium website? Hannah has the respect of her peers as a person who knows what to do in all situations, even at home where she wires up the broken 4-way switches for her dad. On top all this, she is an Eloy Fire Department Explorer. I guess, one word would have been sufficient: incredible.” Hannah’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Travis Hartman of Casa Grande, Arizona.

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CTE Student of the Month: [CGUHS] Culinary Arts

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Kenyon Lee Francis was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the January CGUHS CTE Student of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Kenyon was nominated by her CTE Culinary Arts teacher, Mr. Travis Brady. “Kenyon is a 3rd-year culinary student. She is currently an intern. Kenyon assists in helping guide the 1st-year students in cooking labs and participates as a peer tutor. She consistently goes above and beyond in class. Kenyon is an excellent student and a wonderful peer to the students in her class. She is always ready to participate or do anything that is asked of her in class. Kenyon has a bright future ahead of her.” Kenyon’s parents are Mr. & Mrs. Bradly Francis of Casa Grande, Arizona.

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CTE Student of the Month: [VGHS] Culinary Arts

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Jannatul Omma Faria was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the January VGHS CTE Student of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Jannatul was nominated by her CTE Culinary Arts teacher, Mrs. Amanda Evans. “Jannatul is a very good student. She comes to class prepared and enthusiastic to learn daily. Jannatul has a wonderful attitude toward others, learning, and being a good steward. She is always in class early and stays late to help with cleaning the dishes from a previous class. Her integrity and leadership skills stand out far above the rest of her peers. Jannatul places great effort and has excellent character through compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, optimism, and responsibilities. She demonstrates respect for teachers and peers. Jannatul shows excellent behavior when the clock is down to the last few minutes of class; she stays cool, calm, and collective until the task at hand is complete, free of errors, of great quality, and pleasing to the taste. She can follow the directions enough where she is able to lead in her group. Integrity is her name, and it shows in all the work that she prepares. Jannatul demonstrates self-discipline, diligence, and punctuality, and is extremely courteous to her entire team. She is the cook you want on your team if you want to be a winner. Jannatul is a WINNER!” Jannatul’s parents are Mr. Bari Ad Abdul and Ms. Mosammat Ferdoushi Began of Arizona City, Arizona.

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Construction Technologies: Individual Project

First-year student (Construction Technologies) Faith Martinez completed her individual project with the help of Mr. Michael Wagner (on the tough parts). Mastery was demonstrated in her design, measurement, and use of tools to build and finish the bow rack. Faith has built a conversation piece representative of her dedication to hunting, to be proud of, and that will last.

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Cougar Cubs Winter Wonderland Program

The Cougar Cubs Preschool Winter Wonderland Christmas Program was amazing. The children’s performance was wonderful. We are so proud of them! Thank you to our families for supporting their children and our program. Cougar Cubs Preschool is directed by Alesia Denson, CTE Early Childhood Education (ECE) Director.

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Early Childhood Education Winter Wonderland

Early Childhood Education (ECE) held its Winter Wonderland on Wednesday, December 14, for the families of teachers and staff. Activities included crafts and science for children aged 5-10 years old. It also included hot cocoa and a meet & greet with Santa. The Cougars are instructed by McKenzie Rains, CTE ECE Teacher.

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Spartan Sparkies Celebration

The Spartan Sparkies Preschool celebrated its last day before Winter Break with a pajama day and snowball fight with Principal Vance Danzy. Check out the video below. The Spartan Sparkies Preschool is directed by Karen Debold, CTE ECE Director.

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Spartan Sparkies Achieve Quality First 4-Star Rating

The Vista Grande Spartan Sparkies recently received exciting news as they achieved a Quality First 4-Star Rating. This 4-star rating means that the Spartan Sparkies exceed the quality standards for preschools in the state. The star rating went up from a 3-Star to a 4-Star. Quality First is a program of First Things First, Arizona’s early childhood agency. Created by voters and funded through tobacco revenues, First Things First supports the healthy development and learning of Arizona’s young children. Spartan Sparkies has partnered with Quality First to make quality improvements that research proves help young children thrive and be prepared for kindergarten. The Sparkies staff works hard to provide a nurturing learning environment for the preschool students as well as high school students in the Early Childhood Education program. The Spartan Sparkies Preschool is directed by Karen Debold, CTE ECE Director.

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Dance Recital

Dance held a beautiful recital. The Cougars are instructed by Danielle Rosales, Fine Arts Teacher.

Dance Recital 2022

English 10 Honors

Mr. Steven Fleissner’s English 10 Honors classes have been conducted national interviews with people who have been written about by journalists. Students found contact information, reached out for the interviews, and became experts on the interview subject and work.

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Social Studies: We The People

Mr. Robert Peterson’s We the People class finished 1st in the Region 3 Competition on Saturday, December 10, at Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona. They will be invited to the State Competition, for the first time, on Friday, January 13, at Mesa Community College.

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World Languages: Day of the Dead Ofrendas in a Box

Mrs. Norma Machelor’s Spanish II and AP Spanish Language classes created Day of the Dead ofrendas in a box. Students presented their boxes, explained the content and symbolism of the objects inside, and received a grade for their ofrenda and presentation. At the request of the students, a competition was held to earn extra credit points. The classes are grateful to Profesora Ceila Gómez, a well-known member of our community and school who evaluated each ofrenda with a detailed rubric.

Art: Casa Grande Youth Alliance Calendar Art Contest

Congratulations to the talented winners of the Casa Grande Youth Alliance Calendar Art Contest who were presented their prize checks at the Holiday Open House on Tuesday, December 13: [Grand Prize - $500] Morgan Peralta and [Monthly Prizes - $100] Aubrey Burwell, Jan “Ella” Castro, Amya Douglas, Charlize Hutcherson, and Lovelle Peters. The Spartans are taught by Michelle Bottomley, Fine Arts Teacher (Art).

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Science Department

The Science Department took a group picture to share and wish everyone happy holidays.

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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition

Vista Grande High School has been named one of 300 State Finalists in the 13th Annual Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition, receiving a $2,500 prize package. Science teachers, Hermelina Liddell and Sylvestre Amorsolo, will now submit lesson plans detailing her proposed STEM project. Solve for Tomorrow is a national competition that challenges U.S. public school students in grades 6-12 to explore the role science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can play in solving some of the biggest issues in their local communities. The competition engages students in active, hands-on learning that can be applied to real-world problems – making STEM more tangible and showcasing its value beyond the classroom. Students participating in this year’s competition have boldly entered their game-changing ideas to tackle geopolitical matters (Ukraine), climate change, school safety, personal safety, mental health, school bus commuting, and more. In the next competition phase, 50 state winners will advance to the next phase of the competition and receive $20,000 in technology and supplies, as well as a video kit to help document their project in action. One of the 50 State Winners will be chosen as the Sustainability Innovation Award Winner, receiving an additional $50,000 prize package of eco-conscious classroom technology. Congratulations and good luck in the next phase!

Teachers: Hermelina Liddell & Sylvestre Amorsolo

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(SO) Angela Alfonso, Sergio Aguilera, Kiara dela Cruz, Peyton Salazar, Ava Pacheco, Ron Bongon

(JR) Olivia Demarco-Kramer

(SR) Erick Moroyoqui

AmerInd Pageant

The AmerInd Pageant was held Saturday, January 7. Highlights included contestants along with a demonstration of a traditional song & dance and a presentation of a traditional game, Toka. The AmerInd Club is advised by Gene Manuel, JOM Student Advisor, and John Garvey, Social Studies Teacher.

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Key Club

The CGUHS Key Club volunteered by ringing the bell for Salvation Army donations during the holidays. The Cougars are sponsored by Melanie DeCarlo, Parent Advocate.

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Senior Sunrise

CGUHS seniors enjoyed a beautiful sunrise together on Saturday, December 10, with comfy clothes, blankets, and donuts. The senior class is sponsored by Stacy Brady, Science Teacher.

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Student Council Sponsors Door Decorating Contest

CGUHS Student Council sponsored a holiday door decorating contest. The Cougars are advised by Stacy Brady, Science Teacher.

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Youth On Track Cycling

The Youth On Track Cycling mountain bike team will be ramping up for the spring season league with NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association). They will be having a presentation/registration event on Saturday, December 31, from 10 a.m. - noon at Round Trip Bike Shop. If you have kids aged 12-17 this is a great opportunity for them to learn how to do hard things, get in shape, and build character that will help them grow and learn life lessons.

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Quick Takes: Girls Basketball

All-Academic Golf Team

Congratulations to the CGUHS Golf team members who were named to Sports360AZ All-Academic Golf Team (First Team): Logan Johnson (SR) 4.28 weighted GPA, Landon Moglia (SO) 4.50 weighted GPA, and Ramzy Rodriguez (SO) 4.25 weighted GPA. The Cougars are coached by Holly Adams-Moglia, Speech Language Therapist.

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Quick Takes: Boys Soccer

Spiritline: Melanie Withrow Performs in Hawaii

Melanie Withrow, Varsity Cougar Spiritline member, was recognized at the district’s Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, January 10, for representing Arizona, CGUHS, and the Cougar Spiritline in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii, December 4-9. Melanie performed with other Varsity Spirit All-Americans in an exclusive performance prior to the opening ceremony of the parade, and then was a part of the parade before thousands of fans lining the streets of Waikiki Beach. The parade theme was "Remembering the Past and Celebrating Our Future" and marked the 81st Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Besides being able to perform for true national heroes, Melanie had the opportunity to meet cheerleaders and dancers from across that nation and enjoy a memorable trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship. The Cougars are coached by Katie Kramer, Michelle Estrada, Dominique Estrada, and Brooklyn Nolasco.

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All-Academic Spiritline Team

Congratulations to the CGUHS Spiritline members who were named to Sports360AZ All-Academic Spiritline Team: [First Team] Emma Annala (SO) 4.25, Hailey Stephens (JR) 4.16, Mallory Carnes (SR) 4.13, and Summer Partain (SO) 4.08; and [Honorable Mention] Taylor Greathouse (SR) 3.69, Rylee Greathouse (SR) 3.61, and Mailyn Zuniga (SR) 3.55. The Cougars are coached by Katie Kramer, Michelle Estrada, Dominique Estrada, and Brooklyn Nolasco.

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All-Academic Swim & Dive Team

Congratulations to the CGUHS Swim Team members who were named to Sports360AZ All-Academic Division I Swim & Dive Team: [First Team] Cadence Kahn (SR) 4.6 weighted GPA and Clayton Wright (SR) 4.6 weighted GPA; and [Honorable Mention] Brooklynn Lopez (SR) 3.4 weighted GPA. The Cougars are coached by Head Coach Kim Batina, Social Studies Teacher, and Assistant Coach Kori Batina.

CGUHS Purchase Home Game Tickets

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Spiritline: Cheers for Change

On Saturday, December 10, Cheer & Dance Team hosted Cheers for Change. The event was a showcase for the teams to show the community what they’ve been working on. They invited different youth sports organizations from Casa Grande to participate with them and get together for a day to spread cheer and collect donations and food items for the less fortunate in our community. They collected over 10 grocery bags full of toys and food donations and had over 16 performances. They are excited to host another event in the spring and are hoping to invite more high school and middle school teams from around the city. The Spartans are coached by Serina Felix, Inspiring Excellence Coach.

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VGHS Purchase Game Tickets

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PACE: Coming 2023/24!

PACE (Pathways Accelerating Career Experiences) High School is a face-to-face campus that will be the flagship for what is possible in student academic achievement. It will be rooted in skills mastery, project based learning, and social emotional growth. PACE graduates will carry with them marketable and college-ready skill sets, including a bilingual literacy certificate. PACE students will participate in mentoring and internships with Lucid, Nikola, Kohler, and other potential community partners. For more information, send an email to

Introduction Video

PACE Introduction

Inside Building Design (Video)

PACE Walkthrough

Outside Building View

Floor Plan (Phase I)

Save Your Seat @ PACE

There are only 125 slots available and a waitlist after they are filled.

If interested, complete the form today!


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A School of Tomorrow


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CGUHSD Transition Fair

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Spring Break (Mar 13-24)

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Friday, April 7

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Please help keep our campuses safe by reporting potential concerns to your high school. If you would like to make an anonymous report, you may use provides a completely anonymous email capability for people to send leads and tips to schools, local police departments, and other law enforcement agencies. This system is independent of any district or government, so informers can be confident they are protected from being identified. The sender will be able to visit site, find the agency they want to notify, and send the information.

Blackboard Access

Parents are encouraged to log in to Blackboard to support their student’s academic progress. In Blackboard, parents are able to review their student’s classes, check assignments completed, and better understand what students are learning in class. Please ask your student for their password information in order to access it. If you need support in accessing your student’s password, please call (520) 374-7170.

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Each year, the U.S. Department of Education rewards over $120 billion in federal grants, loans, and work-study funds to more than 13 million students. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the only way to apply for federal, state, and college aid. It is completely free and it typically takes ONLY 30 minutes to complete. Many schools offer money on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the sooner one applies, the better. For more information on Financial Aid, visit your high school's webpage (CGUHS or VGHS).

PowerSchool App

The PowerSchool App is available for download on Android and Apple devices with the district code of QJDT. Your username and password are the same as you use to access the web-based PowerSchool portal.

District Code = QJDT

Video: How to Use the PowerSchool Mobile App

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For SAT dates, locations, school codes, and to register, visit

Scholarship Opportunities

It is a known fact college is expensive and the cost is rising. Do not let that deter you from applying for college. There are many opportunities to help you cover the cost of college. Scholarships are gifts of "free money" that do not need to be paid back, unlike student loans. Most scholarships can be awarded based on merit, which means that students earn them for having good grades, athletic talent, volunteering, or even for a certain demographic. Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars are awarded in scholarship money. There are many sources of scholarship, such as colleges and universities, military, individuals, communities, nonprofits, ethnic/historical organizations, businesses, religious groups, and more. Some scholarships are highly selective but many are not. The best practice is to apply for as many scholarships as possible and start early.

Tutoring (CGUHS)

Mondays & Thursdays

English & Math

CGUHS Library



Tutoring (INOVA) Updated 01/04/23

English, Math, Social Studies, Science, & World Languages



Tutoring (VGHS) Updated 01/04/23

Math: Mon-Fri

English: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Brainfuse: Wed

Excellence Room 3006 (near the cafeteria)

* afternoon transportation provided via late bus @ 4:30 PM



Civics Essay & Video Contest

Deadline = Monday, March 13

Prizes = $250, $500, $1000



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