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Issue 1 - August 2013


Welcome to the first HOLE E-Bulletin - a monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with best teaching and learning practice.

Each month I aim to bring to you some of the best teaching and learning ideas. These will not just be from within the Curriculum Area, but also the best things that are happening across the world.

Starfish an inspirational message for all teachers

Initial focus for 13/14

The initial plan for developing T&L in the area for this academic year is 'Personalised Learning'.

'Personalised learning is a highly structured and responsive approach to learning for each individual child and young person. It creates an ethos in which all pupils are able to progress, achieve and participate' (NCSL, 2012).

Following the great work last academic year by the team, whereby we devised a more user friendly group profile and the work over the last few years developing our: differentiation, questioning and EDI, we will now consolidate it all.

The first AP session for 2013/14 will focus on recapping all aspects of personalised learning and how we can make effective use of the group profile. The first thematic observations will focus on this theme and provide us with our strengths and areas for improvement in the area - A key focus for Ofsted.

Below you will find links to relevant blog posts/articles that can give you some ideas in advance:

Could you use these websites for anything?

http://www.worldometers.info/ - A website showing live statistics from across the world.

https://www.blubbr.tv/ - An interactive quiz creator using short Youtube clips.

http://www.powtoon.com/ - Create animated videos and presentations.

If you try any of these in your class, please share how you used them!