I am unique because

By: Cameron Garland

I play lacrosse

I am one of about ten guys who have played lacrosse in 7th grade. I am a goalie in lacrosse. I get hit with a lacrosse ball a lot. There is only one other person who play goalie on my club team.

I play soccer

I played soccer for the first time this year. I got to play a lot. I started in like 5 games. I had one game where i was captain. I loved soccer because it is so similar to lacrosse. there weren't a lot of people who got to start.

I love animals

I have one dog and another dog that just recently passed away. He was 14 when he died. My other dog is about 5 years old. I loved them both. I also have 3 lizards. They live in my room, and I really love them. there aren't many people who love animals as much as I do.