EMF Balancing Technique

sessions and training

The Lattice

The EMF Balancing technique enables you to work with your Universal Calibration Lattice, a newly evolved system within your energy anatomy. Working consciously with your Lattice allows you to release old patterns holding you back and access the strength and wisdom within your being so that you make wise choices in your life and fulfil your personal potential.

EMF Balancing Technique sessions

Each session of this technique calibrates and strengthens a different portion of your Lattice, alllowing you to access the stored information and use it in your daily life. As you consciously manage your personal energy in this way, releasing and repatterning your energy, you can begin to co-create your most enlightened life, and fulfil your potential.

EMF Balancing Technique Training

Free Introductory Talks

If you would like to know more, I give free introductory talks in London and I am also open to travelling to give a talk if you can organise a group.
On my website www.linaesposito.com you will find more detailed information, visuals, articles and videos!