The Tell of Joan of arc, William the conqueror and King John

  • Joan of arc- Maid of Orleans is her nickname she is from a village in France and was born on 1412. A word to describe her would be anger problems. she gets mad at her soldiers fast. A significant conflict she had was people thinking she was crazy. She told everyone that the Lord speaks to her. A quote from her is Act, and God will act. Something interesting about her is she wears pants. Back than no woman wore pants. So people didn't believe she was a real christian. An important decision she made was to go to war with England. We should care about her because she was the first woman to wear pants, believed the lord talked with her, and helped with wars. Her best accomplishment is making sure the french didn't get attacked from the English. The picture below shows her with a sword in her hand, ready for battle.
  • William the conqueror- William the bastard was his nickname, he is from Normandy France and was born September 9 1028. A word to describe him would be strong, no matter what people said about him he was still a great leader. A conflict he had was with himself. When he got the throne, he promised his cousin when he dies his cousin would get the throne. Crazy enough, his cousin died before him, and he felt bad. A good quote is ... The conqueror is regarded with awe; the wise man commands our respect; but it is only the benevolent man that wins our affection. A interesting fact is they called him a bastard. Even though it is true, it is still hurtful. A decision he had to make is, because he is an emperor with France but from Norman. We should care about him because he is the first Norman to be emperor. His wonderful accomplishment is, because of a war battle that interacted with the Tower Of London.
  • King John-his nickname was Lackland. He was born December 24 1167 Oxford England. A word to describe him is cruel. A significant conflict he went threw was killing his nephew, Author. Another event is when he let Phillip take away Norman and to lazy to care. A quote from him is... I will instruct my sorrows to be proud; For grief is proud, and makes his owner stoop. An unusual fact is he died from eating a peach. An important decision he had to make was signing the Magna Carta We should care about him because he did admit to stabbing Arthur. His best accomplishment is making the legend Robin Hood.