Valor Augustus Jamieson

Life Science in the Rockies

I went to the rockies and saw moose walking in the valley, and also saw a moose about fifty feet away from my tent. My pictures show moose in the rockies which depicts life science.

The Blizzard

After me and my parents set out in the morning towards Lawn Lake, it started getting cold, and after some time, it started snowing. As we neared the lake, the wind started to pick up and the snow was coming down harder. Once we were almost at lawn Lake, maybe 100 feet away, I turned my group around because we were starting to not be able to see the trail. The snow was covering our footprints by the second and we didn't want to get lost.

Three Three Things About Me

I am the only water polo player in our school, I know how to surf, and I go to skateparks for BMX, and extreme scooter tricks.