Family Battles

Cole Lampkin

Movie: Shrek the Third

In the movie Shrek the third the prince charming of the Kingdom Far Far, Away. He like's Princess Fiona, when shes in love with Shrek and Shrek gets knocked out and gets Taken Far Away from Far Far Away not only is Prince charming in love with Fiona but, Fiona's parents the king and queen of far far away also want her to marry Prince Charming and not the Big fat green Ogor . Also Just like Romeo has his best friend and side kick Shrek's best friend is named Donkey and he always helps him with most of his problems. This is similar to Romeo and Juliet, because Juliet's Parents want her to Marry Paris, the reason for this is Romeo is with the Montague family and that is the one and only enemy of the Capulet's.

These family's problems are very similar in fact almost the same. Shrek is like Romeo, Fiona is like Juliet, Paris is like Prince Charming, King Harold is like the Capulet Father, and Queen Lillian is like the Capulet mother, and Donkey is like Mercutio. This caused a death in the end of the movie when Fiona was talked into getting married with Prince Charming by the king Harold and Shrek comes and finds out the hard way and wants to kill Prince Charming. They fight and finally they get the Magic Wond that can turn a human into a Frog. The Prince Gets the wond in the wide open and points it at Shrek and he shoots the lighting bolt at Shrek and King Harold feels horrible for what he did, by talking his own daughter into marrying someone she does not want to marry. King Harold dive in front of the lighting bolt thats zinging towards Shrek and King Harold is Now a Frog Then later He Dies.

In Shrek the Third, the character Fiona played as Cameron Diaz, the character Shrek played as Mike Myers, the character Prince Charming played as Rupert Everett, the character Queen Lillian played as Julie Andrews, the charterer King Harold played as John Cleese, the character Donkey is played as Eddie Murphy.