The Child Named "It" by Dave Pezler

Rohana Chintakindi

About the author

Dave is known for his famous book " The Child Named 'It' ". He was born on December 29th, 1960 in San Francisco, California and grew up in Daly City, California. He was the second child of five. His mother's name is Catherine Pelzer and his father's name is Stephen Pelzer. Dave was constantly beaten, abused, and mistreated by his mother. His father was his only hope but did not do much. Dave's teachers took interest in him when they noticed many scars and horrible marks on his skin. Dave's teachers put him in a foster once they found out the truth about his scars. At the age of 18, Dave joined the U.S. air force. Dave was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans in 1993. In 1994 he was the only American to be honored as sone of The Outstanding Young Persons of the World. He also carried the torch in the 1996 Summer Olympics torch relay. He is married to Marsha who was his editor.

Amount of time in the memoir!

The struggle that Dave had to live with was his mother who beats him and lowers his self esteem and tortures him. This is the specific event that Dave focuses on in the memoir. The memoir covers about 8 years from 4 to 12.

The plot in the memoir!

The main conflict in " The Child Named 'It' " is that Dave had to survive with his mother who almost kills him by torturing him in many different harmful ways.

The climax or the story is when his father leaves him. His father was his only hope to get out of the "mad house" as Dave and his father call it.

The resolution is when he is stuck with his mother until he leaves, thanks to his teachers, and marries and has kids.

Thoughts and feelings!

One time Dave shows his thoughts and feelings was when he said " Even though I had heard the same words over and over again this time the word 'It' stunned me like never before," page 140. The author was suprised because his mother had ripped up a letter about an amazing award. He was shocked and did believe he was not a boy and just an 'It'. He felt horrified and his self esteem dropped to almost nothing because of his mother.

The lesson Dave learnt was about child abuse and how bad it could possibly get. On page 52 his mother would yell at him and smack him just for fun thinking of it as a game. On page 52 his mother yells at him and blames him for his mother and father having fights all the time.

Details the author used!

An example of figurative language in the book is when he says " At night I was so hungry my stomach growled as if i were a hungry bear." This is a simile. Dave was starving because his mother would not feed him.

Another example of figurative language is when his mother accidentally stabbed him with a knife. He wrote, " With every step, pain ripped through my ribs and blood seeped through my ragged t-shirt. This is personification. He was hurt very badly and was losing a lot of blood.

Quotes and main idea

This quote explains the main idea he says, " Even though I had heard the same words over and over again, this time the word 'It' stunned me like never before," (page 140).

The theme of the book is that Dave Pelzer had to survive with child abuse and his mother nearly killing him and lowering his self-esteem to almost nothing.

The quote is very important to the story because it sums up most of his thoughts and feelings and what happened to him in the entire memoir. It explains how he got hurt and how if affects his life. This also explains what he has to deal with and how hard his mom's "game" is.